Tricare offers home delivery, automatic prescription refills

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FALLS CHURCH, Va. — Beneficiaries can use Tricare’s pharmacy home delivery service to get prescription medications shipped conveniently to their door.

Home delivery also gives beneficiaries the option of automatic prescription refills when their medication supply is running low.

“Automatic refills lower the chances of unsafe breaks in medication therapy, which can lead to emergency room visits, hospitalizations and other health care setbacks,” said Rear Adm. Thomas McGinnis, chief, Tricare Pharmacy Operations. “Auto refills, or reminders, are especially helpful for anyone being treated for chronic, long-term conditions. It also cuts down on last-minute dashes to a retail pharmacy.”

Tricare beneficiaries can include prescriptions in the automatic refill program when they first sign up for the home delivery option or later on. Seven days before an automatic refill is scheduled for shipping, an email or a phone call reminds beneficiaries that their medication supply may be running low. Unless they contact Express Scripts Inc., the Tricare pharmacy contractor, the prescription will be automatically refilled.

“Automatic prescription refills offer convenience and peace of mind to Tricare beneficiaries,” McGinnis said, “and it helps us meet our firm commitment to their health.”

Beneficiaries using home delivery, rather than civilian retail pharmacies, also save money. Copayments at retail pharmacies are three times higher for a 90-day supply of the same medication or $176 more, per year, for a brand name prescription.

Beneficiaries switching from retail to home delivery helped the Department of Defense save $30 million in 2010.

Home delivery

For more information about home delivery, visit To sign up for home delivery or to enroll existing home delivery prescriptions in the automatic prescription refill program, visit or call (877) 363-1433.

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