Tricare provides college grads a health care option

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FALLS CHURCH, Va. — Tricare beneficiaries graduating from college this year may not have to rely on the Continued Health Care Benefit Plan, or CHCBP, as their only health care option.

Tricare Young Adult, or TYA, is a new program offering Tricare Standard coverage to qualified uniformed service dependents under age 26, and may be a less-expensive alternative to CHCBP.

TYA Standard has a monthly premium of $186, much less than CHCBP’s premium of $988 per quarter. The sponsor’s status will determine the cap, deductible and cost shares. Dental coverage is not included.

CHCBP is a separate program that offers temporary transitional health coverage for 18-36 months after all Tricare eligibility ends. In fact, dependents who qualify for TYA are no longer eligible for CHCBP, as of May 1.

Dependent eligibility for Tricare previously ended at age 21 or age 23, if enrolled in a full-time course of study at an approved institution of higher learning.

To purchase TYA, a beneficiary must be under 26 years of age, be unmarried and not eligible for his or her own employer-sponsored health care coverage.

The TYA application and three month’s premiums can be dropped off at a Tricare Service Center, or be mailed or faxed to the regional or overseas health care contractor.

Payment covering the first three monthly premiums, or $558 total, is required with the initial enrollment. Automatic credit/debit card or electronic fund transfer payments are required monthly.

Premiums may not be paid via the sponsor’s allotment. TYA premiums cannot be combined or paid with the sponsor’s other Tricare premium or fee. Bill payments set up and made through a bank will not be accepted.

In October 2011, a TYA Prime option will also be available. Enrollment into this option will also require a monthly premium.

Health care resources

Beneficiaries can get information about TYA and application forms at An in-depth TYA webinar is available at

For more information on CHCBP, visit, or contact Humana Military Health Care Services at (800) 444-5445.

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