Footsteps in Faith: Parents need to take time to teach wisdom

| May 20, 2011 | 0 Comments

Chaplain (Maj.) Leslie Forbes-Mariani
Chaplain Resource Manager



When I was a kid, my family spent time camping together during the summer months.

We played games, and in the evening, we sat around the campfire and tried to sing in harmony.

It is amazing how the lazy days of summer in my life have developed into my fast-moving, keep-it-all-together, current timetable. Yet, I know the effort I must take to spend quality time with my kids now is worth everything.

The time I spent with my parents was a great influence on my life. But I now understand the difficulty my parents had in balancing family and work.

My parents were role models for me growing up. I learned how to be in a relationship, communicate and share from them.

When reading Proverbs 4, I pondered the father’s advice to his son. From a young age, the father instructed his child about wisdom and understanding. The father wanted his child to take this instruction to heart, because the future benefit would be grace, glory and guidance to stay on the right path.

As a parent, I need to spend time with my children to teach them to stay on the right path. I cannot rely on the world to teach them the things I value or to instruct them in wisdom and understanding. These things are responsibilities I need to carry out for my family and myself, as I am listening to my heavenly father, and in turn, instructing my children to live well.

Your child is your treasure. Keep them safe, teach them well and spend real time with them.

The rewards of your time will be to see your child learn wisdom and understanding, and to see your child model the values you gave them to others.

You will never regret the time you spend with your child.

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