Ask the Garrison Commander! Mulbury responds regarding sprinklers, safety and gate hours

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Col. Douglas Mulbury
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii



The “Ask the Garrison Commander” program is designed as a communication tool to allow Soldiers, civilians and family members to get their concerns addressed and questions answered.

Generally, I answer questions of community-wide impact. However, all submitted questions come directly to me. Directorates and support staff research queries and provide responses.

Several community members submitted questions to me via the Ask the Garrison Commander email address and through the U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii web link at

These communication tools are provided to allow Soldiers, family members and civilians who live and work on the installation to get their concerns addressed and answered.

Q:  As residents, we are asked to not water our lawns until after 5 p.m., to conserve water and maximize its effectiveness. However, the automatic sprinklers in our new housing areas run during the day. This practice not only wastes our precious water, but is in direct conflict with information we have been provided.

A: Island Palm Communities appreciates residents like you who are conscientious about watering hours and who help to conserve water. Watering lawns throughout the day does waste water, but the use of these automatic sprinklers in our new housing areas is only a temporary, but necessary, requirement to help newly-seeded lawns get established.

Our housing partner’s maintenance personnel regularly monitor the use of these sprinklers and will discontinue their use as soon as possible. They will also check the timers on the sprinklers in community common areas and make necessary adjustments.

Q: My wife works at the Shoppette on Schofield Barracks, where she and several of her coworkers have been threatened, sexually harassed and mistreated by Soldiers who patronize the facility. I believe that security personnel should be provided on Friday and Saturday nights to assist and support the Shoppette’s staff.

A: I absolutely agree with you that those who work in our Shoppettes, and other retail facilities throughout the installation, should not be subjected to any form of customer threat or harassment. I have discussed the problem with the Army Air Force Exchange Service’s retail business manager to determine how together we can best address this problem.

While hiring security personnel would be the preferred option, the added expense associated with salaries and benefits makes it cost-prohibitive. The Exchange is looking into the possibility of installing closed-circuit television cameras and recorders in its stores, and it is also coordinating with military police to provide a more visible presence.

If employees are able to identify the problem patrons by name, or if they know their assigned unit, they should also report this information to the MPs and/or the USAG-HI command sergeant major at 656-1153.

Q: Is it possible to keep Kawamura Gate on Wheeler Army Airfield open past 8 p.m.? With all of the new construction on Wiliwili Circle, there are enough people to substantiate keeping that gate open until at least 10 p.m. on weekdays and maybe midnight on the weekends. With it closing at 8 p.m., it is hard to have dinner off post and make it back through Kawamura Gate before it closes.

A: I too live on WAAF and have experienced some of the same problems as you. While Kawamura Gate used to have extended hours of operation, they were scaled back as the direct result of a traffic survey, which determined usage was not sufficient to justify the associated manpower and other costs. However, we are currently conducting a follow-up traffic study. Upon completion, we will reassess and readjust gate hours of operation, if necessary, at installation gates.

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