Ask the Garrison Commader: Mulbury addresses community information, gate guards and Kolekole Pass

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Col. Douglas Mulbury
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii



The “Ask the Garrison Commander” program is designed as a communication tool to allow Soldiers, civilians and family members to get their concerns addressed and questions answered.

Generally, I answer questions of community-wide impact. However, all submitted questions come directly to me. Directorates and support staff research queries and provide responses.

Several community members submitted questions to me via the Ask the Garrison Commander email address and through the U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii web link at

These communication tools are provided to allow Soldiers, family members and civilians who live and work on the installation to get their concerns addressed and answered.

Q: My family and I live in Wili Wili Circle, and we have heard about break-ins, sexual assaults and dog attacks from our neighbors — well after the events occurred. Why aren’t we kept better informed as to these types of threats, so that we can be more vigilant and conscious of who is in our neighborhood? How can we get this information in a timely manner?

A: As a father myself, I understand the concern you have for the safety of your family. Unfortunately, I am unable to address the issues you mentioned occurring, as I simply do not have enough information. However, I can assure you that these incidents did not rise to the level of extreme danger to the residents, or they would have been elevated to my attention.

If a serious incident does occur on the installation, which presents a danger to the community, our housing partner, Island Palm Communities, and our law enforcement officials issue bulletins.

To keep our residents informed, criminal activity trends and related issues are briefed during the monthly Spouse Information Meeting and quarterly town halls, and I would encourage you and your neighbors to attend these meetings, whenever possible.

While we do our best to provide safe and secure communities for our Soldiers and families, we also rely on residents to inform us of anything that gives them reason to be concerned for their safety. If you have any questions or concerns relative to the safety of you and your family, call the Directorate of Emergency Services’ operations officer at 655-6750.

Q: Will military police/gate guards be at Helemano Military Reservation’s gate 24/7, instead of just on a random basis? Also, what about the gates where the police wave people onto the installation before seeing their decals or even checking ID cards? Is this standard practice?

A: We provide gate guards at HMR for approximately 18 hours a day, which is all we can provide based on current manning guidance from Installation Management Command and the associated funding we are being provided. While 24/7 staffing of the gate is not possible right now, we are conducting a traffic survey of all installation gates to identify and justify the requirement for additional funding and personnel required to provide gate guards 24 hours a day. Surveys take several months to complete and additional time will be required to analyze the results.

To help ensure an even flow of traffic onto the installation from 5-9 a.m., vehicles with current decals were being waived in without the need to show an ID card, before the force protection code was recently elevated to bravo. When vehicles are traveling directly between Schofield Barracks and Wheeler Army Airfield, at any time of the day, there is no requirement for drivers to stop and show their IDs.

Q: We were told we should take a drive through Kolekole Pass because of the beautiful view the trip offers. Although we have tried to do this at least six times, at varying times of the day, we can never seem to get there at the right time. What are the days and times the gate is open?

A: The drive through Kolekole Pass is very beautiful and offers some of the best ocean views of northern Oahu. The problems you encountered gaining access through the pass are the results of significant damage to the road caused by recent heavy rainstorms. Due to the extent of this damage, the pass must remain closed indefinitely. Information regarding its reopening will be published in the Hawaii Army Weekly and made available through various other outlets.

For future reference, the pass is open Monday-Friday, 5:30-11:45 a.m., for one-way traffic from Waianae to Schofield Barracks, and from noon-5:30 p.m., for one-way traffic from Schofield Barracks to Waianae. It is closed to vehicular traffic at all other times, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

To submit an “Ask the Commander” question, send an email to For more information, call Bill Lenharr (656-0611) at USAG-HI Command Group, or call Aiko Brum (656-3155) at USAG-HI Public Affairs.

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  1. Bill Ross says:

    What will be the status of the Kolikoli Pass road during January 2016? I am a retired Army officer who was stationed at Schofield Barracks during the period 1962-65 and would like to drive my family through the Pass.

    • haw says:

      Hello, Bill — The Navy has closed Kolekole Pass indefinitely. You cannot drive across the pass.
      The walking-hiking trail, along the Army’s side, on Schofield Barracks, is open when there is no training. Open dates are announced, weekly, at the garrison’s Facebook site:
      Aloha, HAW Staff.

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