Footsteps in Faith: Talking to God creates special moments

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Chaplain (Maj.) Stephen Sexton
Aliamanu Military Reservation Chaplain



Special days and holidays are moments in time when we remember people and places that hold significant places in our hearts and history, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, birthdays and anniversaries.

For those who have a relationship with Christ, the most important day is Easter. That special day reminds us that we are promised salvation, if we allow Christ into our life.

Christmas is also great, especially for stores and commercialism, but the ultimate gift comes from the heart, especially the heart of God.

The greatest gift we can give to one another is not store bought, but those things made with our own hands and hearts. We put handmade and heartfelt gifts on the mantle or bookshelf to show visitors our special gift that is equal to a pot of gold.

I love special days, especially the birthdays of my children and grandchildren. Those days remind me of the days of my children’s youth. Those days are special because they don’t last long, as children grow up too quickly in today’s world.

Wedding anniversaries remind me of the day I married a beautiful, young woman, who chose me above all the other young men she could have had.

Special days are not just the run-of-the-mill days. Special days are those moments that make a mark, scar or impression on our minds and hearts. Scars are included as a special time because they affect us in such a way that we will always be reminded of that event. Those scars can either strengthen us or destroy us, if we allow them to.

Our heavenly father has special days. Every day we have a talk with him is a special day. Our prayers are like incense to him. When we come to the father in prayer, God is excited about the subject of the conversation.

Do you remember when your child wanted to talk to you about something? I always wondered what my child was going to say that day. Those little talks are the special moments in the life of a parent, special moments to be remembered for a lifetime.

Prayers are special talks with God, and our heavenly father remembers them. He writes them down, so that one day, he will open the book and share those special moments with us.

It’s time for you to start working on those special moments with God.

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