‘Task Force Bronco’ MPs share tactics, deliver equipment to Afghan customs depot

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Combined Joint Task Force 1-Afghanistan
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3rd BCT

3rd BCT

JALALABAD, Afghanistan — “Task Force Bronco’s” Military Police Platoon improved security, here, and developed measures for improving the training, equipment and manning of customs police.

MPs with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 3rd Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, helped improve security at the Jalalabad Customs Depot, here, June 11, in a joint effort with Afghan National Security Forces to improve tax revenue for Afghanistan.

The Jalalabad Customs House is one of the largest sources of revenue in Afghanistan, generating a reported $230 million a year in taxes on transported goods.

“The Afghan customs police showed an incredible amount of motivation and drive to learn new techniques that can aid them in their mission,” said Staff Sgt. Javier Gutierrez, squad leader, HHC, 3rd BSTB, 3rd BCT. “These techniques will help protect the customs house and the potential money that goes through it on a daily basis.”

The ACP team currently at the depot took over in April.

“Here, we also have a great team of advisers to work alongside,” said Sgt. Shafi Ahmad, assistant commander of the ACP.

In addition to the security training, HHC delivered metal-detecting wands and search mirrors, and the unit taught ACP techniques for using the equipment.

“The (ACP) have said that, for a long time, the customs house has been left to fend for itself, and so they appreciate our interest and desire to assist and mentor them on force protection procedures,” said Sgt. Caleb Meeker, team leader, HHC, 3rd BSTB, 3rd BCT. “That will not only keep (the ACP) safe, but all Afghans that enter the facility as well.”

MPs taught more than a dozen ACP members hands-on training with the metal-detecting wands and search mirrors, and they integrated new personnel- and vehicle-search techniques. The ACP was eager to understand and implement the equipment.

“(ACP) were really excited to learn what my noncommissioned officers had to teach them today,” said 1st Lt. Zachary Franklin, platoon leader, HHC, 3rd BSTB, 3rd BCT. “I have no doubt that with more training and more mentorship, the bad guys in the area will have to think twice before they try to disrupt the commerce that runs through this facility.”

The partnership between the MPs and the ACP will continue to move forward during the assessment phase of the partnership, Franklin said.

“Today’s meeting goes beyond delivering equipment or training police,” Franklin said. “It shows how serious our commitment is to working with our Afghan partners, not only on a national level, but also down to the local level, in providing the necessary tools to create a better future for the people of Afghanistan.”


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