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Lt. Col. Tim Beninato
Army News Service

WASHINGTON — The deadline to submit claims for retroactive Stop Loss Special Pay was recently extended to Oct. 21.

This extension marks the sixth time Congress has extended the deadline.

According to Army officials, more than 100,000 claims from Soldiers, veterans and beneficiaries have been adjudicated, and about $300 million has been disbursed.

Currently, about 6,000 claims are pending review in the Army’s system.

“The Army has made multiple attempts to directly contact those we believe are eligible,” said Maj. Roy Whitley, program manager, Stop Loss Special Pay. “We have claims from all 50 states and every U.S. territory. Claims have been submitted from 12 foreign countries.”

Still, Army officials are hoping the remaining candidates for Retroactive Stop Loss Special Pay will take action and apply.

The Army estimates a total of 120,000 Soldiers, veterans and beneficiaries may be eligible for the pay.

“We have not received a claim from everyone who may qualify for this pay,” Whitley said. “The Army has developed and implemented innovative strategies to identify and notify those eligible. These efforts have been very successful. However, we have not heard from our entire target population.”

The deadline extension gives potential claimants about six additional months to apply for the pay. By law, those eligible for the pay must submit a claim.

Anyone eligible for Retroactive Stop Loss Special Pay receives $500 for each month he or she held a stop-loss status.

For more information on eligibility criteria and to submit a claim, visit or




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