Accidents don’t take a holiday

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Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch
Commander, Installation Management Command



Two hundred thirty-five years ago, the founders of this great nation, representing the original 13 colonies, signed one of the most important documents in our nation’s history — the Declaration of Independence.

We commemorate the Declaration of Independence as our statement of values and beliefs, and we celebrate its signing on the Fourth of July.

This day is a time of social activities and celebrations with family and friends, but it is not without an increased risk of accidents. I ask for your help in ensuring a safe holiday while you’re having fun.

Accidents seriously degrade Army readiness. Protecting the force extends beyond military operations and must be a part of everything we do, on- and off-duty. We cannot afford losses, especially those due to carelessness.

Maintain an awareness of the potential hazards around you. A number of risky activities associated with this holiday consist of neglecting fireworks safety precautions, swimming or boating irresponsibly, driving between midnight and early morning hours, failing to wear seat belts, speeding and driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Leaders and first-line supervisors can make a difference this holiday weekend. Practice safety and teach others about safety, as you are saving lives. Impress upon Soldiers, civilians and family members that accidents don’t take a holiday. Incorporate risk management into plans both on- and off-duty.

Review the privately owned vehicle toolbox on the U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center’s webpage at

Many communities will host special activities to mark this day — participate — but use good judgment in whatever you do on America’s birthday. Most of all, have a safe and accident-free holiday.

Support and Defend.

Defender 6.

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