Reserve, National Guard launch first-ever IRR Affiliation Program

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Army Reserve Communications
News Release

WASHINGTON — Individual Ready Reserve Soldiers and their families can now tap into a geographically-local military network of support to ensure well-being and readiness.

“IRR Soldiers and their families don’t have easy access to military installations,” said Brig. Gen. Leslie Purser, deputy chief, U.S. Army Reserve. “Through the IRR Affiliation Program, they’ll be able to turn to fellow Soldiers living nearby for information.”

Purser explained that local reserve units will help connect affiliated IRR Soldiers and their families with the resources to address physical and psychological health needs, career issues and family concerns.

“IRR members are usually coming off of an active duty tour, and they aren’t aware of all the programs in place to assist Reserve Soldiers and families,” Purser said. “Putting them in contact with a Reserve unit means they get to talk to people who have already successfully integrated their military and civilian lives.”

Affiliated IRR Soldiers will be under no obligation to participate in unit training or to maintain contact with the unit. They will only be required to acknowledge the program, their affiliation to a Reserve component unit and their understanding that resources and support will always be available to them while assigned to the IRR.

Since Friday, IRR Soldiers are being affiliated with Army reserve units. While several Army National Guard units will also participate in this initial program, the National Guard intends to include all its units in the program later this year.

IRR Soldiers need only to meet their statutory and regulatory requirement of notifying U.S. Army Human Resources Command of any changes to their contact information and personal status. HRC will notify IRR Soldiers of the unit to which they are affiliated.

Beginning December 1, Soldiers separating from the active component and entering into the IRR will be affiliated at transition points.

For more information on the IRR, visit the HRC website at


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