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Aiko Rose Brum
U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii Public Affairs



WHEELER ARMY AIRFIELD —  Anyone and everyone in the U.S. Army-Hawaii community can get their most pressing concerns and questions addressed during an inaugural Facebook town hall meeting taking place in cyberspace.

U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii will debut its latest initiative to connect and engage free-flowing communication between the installation and its customers during the virtual town hall meeting, 6:30-7:30 p.m., Aug. 31.

“We were seeing poor attendance at the traditional town hall meetings, but we were getting tremendous participation from social media outlets during our live TV2 town halls,”said Col. Douglas Mulbury, commander, USAG-HI. “We believe a Facebook town hall may be the way to proceed.”

“The beauty of this is, our community can engage senior leaders wherever they happen to have access to the Internet, whether at home in their pajamas, at the mall on their smart phones or at the beach with a laptop or tablet,” said Vickey Mouze, Pau Hana community editor, “Hawaii Army Weekly,” USAG-HI Public Affairs.

During traditional town hall meetings, directors, section chiefs and other subject matter experts from USAG-HI’s organizations —  such as the Directorate of Emergency Services, which oversees police, fire, traffic and security issues; Island Palm Communities, which handles family housing; the Directorate of Public Works, responsible for road construction; or the Schofield Barracks Commissary —  are on hand to respond to questions from audience members. SMEs will similarly gather to answer questions posed during the Facebook town hall meeting.

“Soldiers and their families lead very busy lives, and their time is valuable,” Mulbury said. “Having the virtual town hall at Facebook will provide convenience —  particularly for off-post residents —  and alleviate the need for families to arrange child care. After this first Facebook town hall, we will be able to adjust the time or other parameters, as needed, for the convenience of our community.”

What will happen?

Anyone who wants to follow the discussions or interact with SMEs will need to have a Facebook account.

SMEs, including Mulbury, will gather to host the Facebook town hall meeting. A brief video introduction and basic information on USAG-HI’s “Wall” on Facebook will guide participants to place their questions and comments at USAG-HI’s “Discussions” tab on the left side of the screen.

Participants who are used to posting comments on the wall will be redirected to the discussion board, where SMEs will give candid, honest comments to their inquiries.

Interaction is not required during this town hall, though encouraged.

“This Facebook town hall is the perfect time for Soldiers, family members, or even civilians and community members to speak up about what’s on their minds and get their answers from the people at the garrison who make the decisions,” said Dennis Drake, director, USAG-HI Public Affairs.

What topics can be discussed?

Participants can ask questions or comment upon any garrison service.

All issues will be addressed; however, some questions may need more research or answers from another organization or tenant unit outside of USAG-HI. Questions that are more personal in nature can be emailed to the commander at

Participants are asked to post family-friendly comments and questions, and to review the posting policy located under the “Info” tab. Any obscene post will be removed.

The Facebook town hall is one more way the garrison is engaging the U.S. Army Hawaii community to improve its services, programs and infrastructure. Facebook conversations may provide  insights or suggestions needed to tackle a quality of life challenge from a different perspective.

What are USAG-HI services and programs?

•command information

•contracting and business

•cultural resources

•customer services


•emergency services

•equal opportunity

•housing and barracks

•human resources

•law enforcement

•legal assistance



•morale and welfare

•public information and outreach



•religious support

•resource management


•schools and education





•youth and child care




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