25th ID’s MMT develops artistic capabilities

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Sgt. Christopher Brown, NCOIC, MMT, HHB, 25th ID, cuts the base for a new tarot leaf project in the MMT shop at Camp Liberty, Iraq, recently.

Sgt. Christopher Brown, NCOIC, MMT, HHB, 25th ID, cuts the base for a new tarot leaf project in the MMT shop at Camp Liberty, Iraq, recently.

Story and Photo by
Spc. Breeanna Dubuke
29th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

Soldiers use craftiness, discarded supplies to create unit-specific wooden art 

BAGHDAD — Changing light bulbs, repairing floors and other routine maintenance are things a military maintenance team, or MMT, is used to.

An MMT ensures that all facilities are mission ready in its assigned unit; the unit must fix maintenance problems at a moment’s notice.

“We’re just trying to make everything happen at the drop of a hat,” said Sgt. Christopher Brown, noncommissioned officer in charge of the MMT, Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, 25th Infantry Division.

For Brown and two other Soldiers with the 25th ID, their craftiness has led them to complete other projects outside their usual occupation.

For the past few months, the 25th ID’s MMT has been challenging itself to create wood artwork for the unit. The projects started with 25th ID’s symbol, the tarot leaf, Brown said, adding, “This is nowhere near our job description.”

“We are just trying to give back to the unit we are in,” said Sgt. John Lockwood, MMT.

Overall, the team has made more than 40 varied tarot leaf projects that have been scattered throughout the unit grounds at Camp Liberty, here.

Since the first project, the team’s work has become more intricate and detailed, allowing it to make various plaques for command sergeants major and general officers.

“They can do so with much more detail now,” said Capt. Julie Leggett, chief of protocol, 25th ID.

However, the team didn’t start off with the knowledge it has now. For one member of the team, the experience was his first producing these types of projects.

“When I first got here, I didn’t know anything,” said Spc. Travis Jones, a member of the New York Army National Guard’s 442nd Military Police Company, who is attached to the 25th ID’s MMT. “I’ve never done anything like this in my life.”

Although Brown and Lockwood had experience working with some of the tools required for their projects, the creative assignments challenged them to learn new techniques and adapt to their circumstances.

“We’re still learning and making it up as we go,” Lockwood said.

Their usual duties in the MMT allowed the three Soldiers to take advantage of discarded supplies to help them practice and expand their skills.

“Since (the unit) is reutilizing a lot of things, we’ve just been able to be in the right place at the right time (to obtain the supplies),” Lockwood said. “We are lucky that our schedule is flexible enough to be able to work on these projects.”

Even with the new task of creating projects outside their usual occupation, the Soldiers said they appreciate the fact that they will go home with new skills.

“I now have the confidence to do things I would have normally paid someone to do back home,” Jones said.

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