Diabetes fair offers information, health care, cooking demos

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Crystal Shaw-Bossola, University of Hawaii dietician student and TAMC Red Cross volunteer, conducts a cooking demonstration during the TAMC Diabetes Health Fair, Aug. 27. (Courtesy Photo)

Crystal Shaw-Bossola, University of Hawaii dietician student and TAMC Red Cross volunteer, conducts a cooking demonstration during the TAMC Diabetes Health Fair, Aug. 27. (Courtesy Photo)

Tripler Army Medical Center
News Release

HONOLULU — Tripler Army Medical Center’s diabetes team hosted a Diabetes Health Fair, here, Saturday.

“We have representatives from the diabetes team, including Public Health Nursing, Physical Therapy, (the) Pharmacy and the Patient Education Center,” said Capt. Joy Metevier, chief, Nutrition Outpatient Clinic, TAMC.

“They’re here to educate our patients about the complications associated with diabetes and provide the opportunity to touch base with their providers and check back in with their treatment team,” Metevier said.

“We have three diabetes educators speaking in the Kyser Auditorium, pharmacists talking about medication and a dietitian talking about the new “My Plate” website, and we have a diabetes educator who focuses on adult patient education.”

Highlights included a special diabetic menu offered at lunch, foot checks, blood pressure checks, body mass index checks, blood sugar meter information, education materials, cooking demos, recipe samples and blood work.

“I love cooking and sharing my knowledge … how to make easy, fun things … at home,” said Crystal Shaw-Bossolua, University of Hawaii dietician student and TAMC Red Cross volunteer, who jumped at the opportunity to provide this service.

“Today, I have been able to teach patients the things they can have, especially in regards to the need for carbohydrates,” Shaw-Bossolua said. “It’s about limiting the amount of carbs, reading the labels and counting those carbs. If patients choose healthier desserts, those with less sugar, they can have more carbs to eat throughout the day.”

Tania Soch, wife of a retired Navy petty officer, found the cooking demonstrations to be her favorite part of the day.

“I have been a diabetic about 25 years, and I always liked to review, get assessments and attend classes,” Soch said. “I like to learn about cooking, because I love to cook and find something different to make. I look always to find new recipes. This demonstration and the cookbooks available are really good, and I appreciate the effort everyone has put into providing us this information.”

Because patients have to manage their diabetes day to day on their own, the diabetes team exists to help them stay on track or get back on track. With 10 certified diabetes educators at TAMC, trained through a rigorous program and specialized in managing diabetes, help is available.

“Coming and learning about diabetes is a way for our patients to own the disease,” said Hope Cooper-Oliver, patient educator. “If they don’t own it, it owns them.”

The diabetes team recommends that patients who couldn’t attend the fair touch base with their primary care provider or representative from their TAMC or SBHC diabetes team. Patients should make sure they know their hemoglobin A1C, the most important lab for diabetes. If they don’t know that number, diabetics need to call their primary care provider to find out when their last lab was and get a checkup.

“We will also be offering diabetes refresher courses through the month of September,” Metevier said. “Through these refresher groups and the lab draws, we hope to get patients reconnected to their diabetes treatment, so that they can actively participate in their care.”

Diabetes education, management resources

Diabetes education refresher courses will be offered through September.
For diabetes education, call TAMC’s Nutrition Outpatient Clinic at 433-5791 or visit www.tamc.amedd.army.mil.


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  1. Carole West says:

    Good afternoon,

    My name is Carole West and I am the Section Administrator for the Ob/Gyn Section of the National Medical Association. I saw an article regarding a diabetes fair offers information, health care and cooking demos and was interested in contacting the student dietician. We are hosting our annual meeting in Honolulu, August 2-6, 2014. I am interested in contacting Ms. Crystal Shaw-Bossola, to see if she would be willing to participate in a possible cooking demonstration during the annual meeting.

    Thank you.


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