Footsteps in Faith: God is present, guides us through all of life’s many changes

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Chaplain (Maj.) Stephen Sexton
Deputy Community South Chaplain



The word “change” is often something different to everyone, as change can be good or not so good.

Change can be something that we do ourselves or something that happens to us from outside forces.

Some changes are so gradual we don’t notice them. Other changes happen overnight, and we wonder, “Oh my God, what has happened?”

Some changes we are glad to see and rejoice when they happen, such as the birth of a child or a wedding or a permanent change of station move.

Some changes we don’t like, such as our children growing older or not acting like our little girl or little boy anymore — though, of course, some parents have a party when their children leave the nest.

As we grow each day, our bodies change, and we become more mature in our thinking and understanding. We try to slow the process of physical change with creams, lotions, potions and diets, but changes happen even if we don’t want it to. In other words, life happens.

Life is special, though it’s too short, and change can affect our outlook on life.

At times, we need help with the changes life brings our way. Some moments, we need help coping with difficult changes.

During changes, we may think differently, act differently and say things differently than we would during “normal” times.

The Army has many programs that can be used to help us cope with and go through changes; visit a chaplain if you need help with changes in your life.

Since change is inevitable, I know there are going to be situations that I am going to need strength and courage to face each day. Likewise, someone will always be there with you, through all of life’s changing times.

You may not see him, you may not know him, you may not feel him and you may not hear him, but he is present. Through those rough and tough times, call on God, and he is here to help.

He may not give you the answer you want, but he will give you the answer you need.

Life happens. Change happens.

God is always available to help us through life and its changes, and the Bible says to call on him while he may be found (Isaiah 55:6). His name is Jesus.


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