Footsteps in Faith: Life is all about finding balance through God

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Chaplain (Maj.) Gale Cotton
45th Sustainment Brigade, 8th Theater Sust. Command



Growing up, my home was surrounded by forests. My friends and I would spend long hours outside, looking for frogs, turtles, worms and vegetation to use as fish bait.

One day, I was wandering through the woods with friends and found an old creek bed that was about 30-feet wide and 50-feet deep. The only way to get to the other side was to walk over a log, stretching across it.

I thought about what would happen to me if I took one wrong step. How would my parents find me in the middle of this deep forest?

Of course, my friends were egging me on, so I carefully walked over it, acting like it was too easy. My heart was pounding, and I secretly thanked God, as the blood returned to my face and the pressure in my chest subsided.

Silence fell on each member of the group, as it was their turn to make this perilous crossing.

Maintaining our balance is important.

Our jobs, spouses, children and financial obligations can steal from our social life, damage our relationships and leave us feeling empty. Important parts of our selves can get lost in the high-speed existence of what Dr. James Dobson calls “the Frantic Generation.”

We need to balance our mental, physical, social and spiritual lives. If we become overdeveloped in one area, other areas suffer and are neglected. When this happens, we lose important parts of who we are, and our lives lack harmony.

Harmony is something we all need in our lives. You lack harmony because you are out of balance. God has a supernatural way of bringing balance into our lives and helping us understand what is important.

Matthew 11:28 says, “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

God is the one who is everything. God created the moon and stars, you and me, and all that is. He has this marvelous intelligence that holds all things in a balance, something the finest minds of our generation struggle to comprehend.

I wasn’t alone that day on the log in the forest. God provided balance and saw me through that perilous journey. God will help you through any upcoming perilous journeys.

Target the enemy with prayer, move with integrity and communicate a positive attitude. Spend time with God and regain your balance.



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