Footsteps in Faith: God helps us to see that there is always hope, to never stop believing

| October 13, 2011 | 0 Comments
Chaplain (Capt.) Heather J. Simon
Rear Detachment Chaplain, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division


I am often asked what Bible verse is my favorite, but my favorite verse changes with the transitions in my life.

Today, this month, this year, I have chosen Jeremiah 29:11, which says, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Why this verse? Because this verse speaks of a plan, prosperity and hope. The Lord has a plan for you and me.

I am so glad that he has a plan for us because I make mistakes. He knows what he wants me to do and where he wants me to go in life.

What is the plan that he has for your life today? Keep seeking him because he will let you know. God gives us prosperity.

Prosperity is not always what we think of when we hear the word. Prosperity is not just finances. It is way more than that. It is the ability to be content in what the Lord has provided. It is living a life of peace and happiness in a world where there is hate, anger and sadness.

It is a challenge for us to find joy in life, but the Lord will provide that capability. He gives us hope. Why do we need hope, and what do we need to have hope in?

We need hope in the good times and in the bad times.

We need hope for each day. You can’t buy hope, you can’t see hope, but you sure can feel hope.

I find hope in my life through my family and in the country where I have chosen to live and serve.

The Lord has also given us the opportunity to provide hope for this country, as we serve daily. We find hope for today in the Lord, and we share in the hope and strength of our brothers and sisters of generations past and present.

Today, I challenge you to seek out the plan, the prosperity and the hope that the Lord has presented to us.



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