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SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Soldiers patronizing the Main Exchange, here, probably don’t give a second thought as to which credit card to use at checkout.

What they may not be aware of, however, is that the use of bank-issued cards at the Exchange ultimately costs the Schofield’s community thousands annually.

This year alone, bank-issued card processing expenses at Schofield’s facilities are already up 8.35 percent compared to last year. These expenses have sapped more than $1,008,000 from the Exchange and, in turn, from critical funds that could be used for morale, welfare and recreation programs.

In 2010, total credit card fees for the entire year at the Main Exchange, here, were $1,873,660.

One way military families can help reduce costs and strengthen their Exchange benefit is to take advantage of the Exchange’s exclusive Military Star Card. Unlike bank cards, profits generated from the Military Star Card are shared with military communities through contributions to the military service’s quality of life funds.

“Using the Military Star Card is one of the easiest ways for troops to directly impact their Exchange, and morale, welfare and recreation benefits,” said Jeffery Gardner, store manager, Main Exchange. “Reducing these unnecessary expenses can go a long way in maximizing the dividend the Exchange annually returns to the military community.”

The Military Star Card is accepted at all Army and Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Exchange activities, as well as the Exchange Catalog and the Exchange Online.

Military Star Card

Authorized Exchange shoppers can learn more about the Military Star card at
Click on “Credit Services.”

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