AFAP improves communities

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Vickey Mouzé
Pau Hana Editor



SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — The AFAP Conference, which was held, here, Oct. 18-20, is just one of many AFAP conferences held annually throughout the Army.

AFAP gives all members of the Army family a chance to change and improve community issues.

Each year, family members throughout the Army identify, develop and prioritize community issues that are presented at installation-level AFAP conferences.

Issues that can be resolved at the installation level are assigned to the office that has responsibility for the issue. Potential solutions are then developed. Installation AFAP steering committees then review issues and monitor them until they are resolved.

Issues beyond the scope of an installation commander, which require a higher level of authority, go forward to the issue’s respective major command. U.S. Army-Pacific is the MACOM for U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii, where the process is repeated.

Issues that can’t be resolved at the MACOM level are then forwarded to the Department of the Army. There, issues will either be identified as active, completed or unattainable. Results are published and distributed Armywide.

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