Energy tips lower electric bills, usage

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Island Palm Communities

Island Palm Communities

Island Palm Communities
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SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — The following tips will help you save energy at home.

While dishwashers are primarily used for convenience, you’re likely to use less water compared to washing dishes by hand. You can also save energy when you turn the dishwasher off after its rinse cycle and let the dishes air dry. Use dishwashing detergents with spot removal additives to reduce water spots on dishes.

Another way to save water and energy is to keep the duration of your shower between five-10 minutes. The shorter your showers, the less hot water you use. The less hot water you use, the less electricity your hot water heater uses.

Plugged-in appliances and electronic devices are a commonly referred to as “energy vampires” since they still use energy while they are off and still plugged into outlets. To stop this energy drain, plug the cords into a power strip and turn off the power strip when not in use.

According to the National Resources Defense Council, the average new cable, high-definition, digital video recorder, also known as a set top box, consumes more than half the energy of an average new refrigerator and more than an average new flat-panel television.

When not displaying or recording video content, set top boxes draw nearly as much power as they do when in use. Two-thirds of a cable box’s total energy consumption occurs when they’re not in use.

Another way to reduce energy consumption is to properly set your central air conditioner for the climate you live in.

For example, your air conditioner in Hawaii should not be set at the same temperature as someone living in Texas. Both climate and humidity levels are different. In Island Palm Communities south region, set your air conditioner at 72 degrees; if you live in IPC’s north region, set it between 74-78 degrees. Adhering to these temperatures will help reduce your energy consumption. Remember, if your windows are open, turn off your air conditioner.

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