Footsteps in Faith: Advent represents the hope that Christ brings to all during Christmas

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Chaplain (Capt.) Theodore P. Valcourt
30th Signal Battalion, 516th Sig. Brigade, 311th Sig. Command



Advent means “coming” or “arrival.”

The entire season celebrates the coming of Christ in his first Advent, the babe in the manger. It is an important season for most Christians.

Advent represents the beginning of the church year, and it prepares us for the joy that will come; and that joy is Christmas or Christ.

Many of us are already preparing for Christmas. We are gathering food for our Christmas meal, we are looking for bargains in stores as we search for the perfect gift, and most of us have started sending Christmas cards to our friends and relatives.

Shopping malls are decorated, and Christmas music is being played on every radio station. Children are on their best behavior, and the Post Office is receiving tons of letters addressed to Santa Claus. Like the season of Advent, we are all preparing for the holidays.

Our churches are decorated, as well. The season of Pentecost, or ordinary time, is gone and the color green is replaced. Purple or royal blue is everywhere. Purple is the color of penitence and fasting. It is used to welcome the Advent or the coming of our king. Royal blue does the same.

During the season of Advent, choirs sing songs that focus on this theme, too. A popular Advent song is “O Come, O Come Emanuel.” Scripture readings will also proclaim the coming of the Messiah.

Winter may represent a time when there may be some gloom and darkness. The trees have lost their leaves, autumn is over and the sun sets much earlier.

In ancient times, however, people found hope in the things that winter could not vanquish. Plants and trees that were able to remain green all year became symbols of hope.

Mistletoe and evergreen trees, what we use as Christmas trees, still embody and hold a special meaning during this season.

Advent represents the hope that Christ brings to all who are willing to wait and not lose hope. As we celebrate the season together, let us remember that Advent means hope and God will provide his hope for us all.


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