Top Cop: Diligence required to keep our installation safe

| February 17, 2012 | 2 Comments

Col. La’Tonya D. Lynn
Commander, 8th Military Police Brigade, 8th Theater Sustainment Command, and Director, Directorate of Emergency Services, U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii



Welcome to Top Cop. The goal of this monthly column is to provide crime data to our military communities throughout U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii, to increase awareness, which will aid in crime prevention.

Neighborhood Watch

The Directorate of Emergency Services, U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii, in coordination with Island Palm Communities, recently conducted a Neighborhood Watch meeting in the theater of the Aliamanu Military Reservation Community Center.

The primary focus was to reinforce the importance of the Neighborhood Watch program within our military communities and to increase residents’ involvement. Topics included expectations for community residents and support from law enforcement personnel.

Schofield Barracks will host a similar Neighborhood Watch meeting, Feb. 21, at the Canby Community Center.

Neighborhood Watch is a resident-driven program that will only be successful with the participation of the community. At these meetings, residents can address law enforcement and housing issues. Both DES and IPC representatives are available at the meetings to ensure issues have an appropriate response.

Parking violations

Please ensure that you park only in designated parking areas. Military police and Department of the Army civilian police will strictly enforce parking violations.

Installation access control

With USAG-HI eliminating the vehicle registration program, DES requested that our sister service military installations on Oahu honor the common access card and other authorized ID cards without the Department of Defense vehicle decals for our personnel.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Camp Smith, and Bellows Air Force Base will allow entry with a CAC and other authorized ID card, without the DOD vehicle decal, for our personnel.

Currently, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam still requires CAC or other authorized ID card and a DOD vehicle decal for entry.

Personnel without a DOD vehicle decal will be required to use the Visitor Control Center for a day pass, so plan accordingly. This procedure is for uniformed military personnel and official business.

Crime Statistics

USAG-HI’s DES, uses crime statistics to determine patrol distribution and to maintain safety and security within our communities. From Jan. 1-31, the Schofield Barracks Provost Marshal Office, or PMO, reported a total of 349 cases for both areas of operation, or AORs. Outlined, below, is a listing of these cases.

Those involving alcohol: 9
Service members apprehended: 13
Family members apprehended: 7

Unsecured/unattended: 56
In housing area: 53
In public area: 35

Traffic accidents
Involving injuries: 5
Damage to property: 13

Driving under the influence
Service members apprehended: 15
Family members apprehended: 2

Traffic citations
Cell phone violations: 10
Speeding violations: 42
Failure to stop as posted: 58
No insurance: 14
Expired safety inspection: 116
Parking violations (parking in seeded area, parking where curb painted yellow etc): 89
Improper turns: 2
No vehicle registration in vehicles: 9
Failure to register out of state plates: 8
Driving without a license: 24
Expired registration: 51
Defective equipment: 28
Failure to display registration: 2
No seatbelt: 2
Suspended driver’s license: 4
Unsafe backing: 9
Failure to use turn signal: 6
Failure to display safety sticker: 2
Disregarding a traffic control device: 11
Expired insurance: 2
Crossing double yellow line: 2
Impeding traffic: 7
Defective license plate: 1
Following too closely: 2
Overtaking vehicle on right shoulder: 1
Failure to yield right of way to emergency vehicle: 1
Abandoned vehicle: 7
Driving without headlights: 1
Failure to yield at an intersection: 3
Unsafe lane change:1
Failure to display front license plate: 1
Expired driver’s license: 1

Miscellaneous violations
Failure to control pet: 8
Excessive noise: 2
Unattended child: 1
Trespassing on a military installation: 1
Failure to care for pet: 1
Failure to register weapon: 2

Report any suspicious behavior or witnessed criminal acts to law enforcement personnel at Schofield Barracks at 655-7114 or at Fort Shafter at 438-7114.

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  1. Gary Suzukawa, Army MSG (Retired) says:

    I cannot believe how disfunctional the military command here in Hawaii has become. Decals are required for entry into Hickam and Pearl Harbor, but not for other military installations?? So because of this, the installations that don’t require decals will no longer issue them? SHAME ON YOU! There is no place for SEGREGATION of ANY kind in the United States of America! Whether you are Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Reserve Forces or National Guard, we are ALL part of the same team! You general officers are acting as if you are congressional delegates or part of the Obama administration, in that you can’t make a consistent decision on a simple item like to require a post decal or not, that applies to ALL military installations! Make a decision, one way or the other! It’s a sad day when a retired Senior NCO has to point out how foolish flag officers are behaving! You owe all of us, in the Military Community, an apology for your serious lack of leadership!

    • haw says:

      Hi Gary,
      The Department of Army, Department of Air Force and Department of Navy have issued statements saying decals are no longer required for access to their installations (ALARACT 343/2011 eliminated vehicle registration and DOD decals as a mandatory requirement for access to military installations). The reason is decals/registration process is redundant and does not further security. The Air Force started implementing this change in 2006, and the Army and Navy in 2011.

      However, services are leaving the decision to implement the change up to individual installations, meaning some will still require the process and others will not. This is most noticeable in Hawaii, where we have all services located in a small area. You will be allowed to enter all Hawaii Army and Marine Corps properties and Bellows AFB if you have the proper ID and no decal. Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam is the only installation in Hawaii that will require a visitor’s pass if you don’t have a vehicle decal.

      For the Army, posts like Fort Sill, Fort Rucker, Fort Jackson, Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall and all other Military District of Washington installations (just to name a few) have stopped issuing decals.

      Here are a few reasons why this change was decided on:
      Since September 11, 2001, 100 percent ID card checks have been implemented at all Department of Defense installations. Using vehicle decals is redundant because ID cards are a much better method of determining authority to enter the base.

      Decals can be moved from vehicle to vehicle and are easily counterfeited. Selling cars often includes leaving the decal on the transferred vehicle, just take a lot at used car lots. When the sentry at the gate is focusing on decals, he/she is not focusing on the vehicle occupants, which can be a security vulnerability.

      Procuring and controlling vehicle decals and administering base vehicle registration programs costs a lot of money that can be spent implementing better security controls and towards required services.

      I hope this helps clear up any confusion.

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