Footsteps in Faith: God wants us all to live a full life

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Chaplain (Capt.) Ronaldo D. Pascua
Strong Bonds Chaplain, U.S. Army-Pacific



The Lord said that he came to give us life, and that we should live that life to the fullest.

When I think of a full life, I think of the “Promised Land.”

The Promised Land is the kind of life God desires his people to have here on earth. It is the promise of God to meet our need and to bless us abundantly.

Some might think of the Promised Land as a picture of heaven, but when we get to heaven, there will be no giants to fight, walls to break down or battles to be won. The Promised Land is a picture of the abundant life we have now.

In Scripture, God took his people out of bondage in Egypt. God parted the Red Sea and guided his people through the wilderness with a pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night.

He provided heavenly bread, water from a rock and quail to fly in for dinner. He made their clothes and sandals last for 40 years in the wilderness. Then, God finally brought them to the place he wanted them to be: the Promised Land at Canaan.

There was one problem. The Jordon River was at flood stage.

Have you ever felt that God has a bad sense of timing for your life? Has he provided for you and guided you through your wilderness, but then, once you arrived where you thought you should be, found a major obstacle in your way?

You expected this great thing to happen, but were met with disappointment. Your dreams burst, and your hopes were dashed.

The name Jordan means to bring down or pull down. When you are disappointed, you get down or depressed. The enemy may have put a Jordan in the way of your Promised Land to pull you down.

Realize that God may have allowed the obstacle or disappointment to happen. The trying of your faith, you see, produces endurance.

God allows disappointments and difficulties in your life to build character.

When you see the flood in front of you, you may have the tendency to focus on it, grumble and complain. Instead, with eyes of faith, look beyond that thing that wants to pull you down. See that there is a harvest up ahead.

As the Israelites prepared themselves, they had faith that God would come through for them. God parted the Jordan River enabling them to walk across on dry ground and enter their Promised Land.

Trust God and take a step of faith to receive all the blessings God has for you.

National Prayer Breakfast

U.S. Army-Pacific will host a National Resiliency Prayer Breakfast for Hawaii-based Soldiers and Department of Defense civilians, 9:30-11 a.m., March 21, at the Nehelani, here.

Soldiers can contact their unit chaplains for free tickets.

“‘Resiliency of the Spirit’ is the theme of this year’s event,” said Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Jose Rodriguez, deputy chaplain, U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii. “It is a timely topic as we reflect how resiliency is the warrior spirit that enables us to persevere.”

Rev. Klayton Ko, senior pastor, Red Hill Assembly of God, will serve as guest speaker.

Call 655-1204 or email for more details.

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