Prayer breakfast hones in on resiliency

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Jack Wiers
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Comprehensive Soldier Fitness

Comprehensive Soldier Fitness

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Soldiers, families and civilians received messages that, coupled with resiliency, are the foundation to overcoming adversity, during the National Resiliency Prayer Breakfast at the Nehelani, here, March 21.

The nondenominational event, hosted by U.S. Army-Pacific, this year, stressed spiritual fitness and the theme “Resiliency of the Spirit.”

Spiritual fitness is one of five dimensions in the Army’s Comprehensive Soldier Fitness program. Along with physical, social, emotional and family dimensions, each gives training in specific skills sets so that all members of the Army community have the knowledge, thinking skills and behaviors to thrive and cope with life’s challenges and adversity.

“The resilient faith is the ability to bounce back from adversity,” said Pastor Klayton Ko, senior pastor, Red Hill Assembly of God, and the event’s keynote speaker.

Ko has served members of the military community for 30 years as a pastor. During his presentation, he addressed the need for faith as a healing element.

“Faith is our victory, our weapon, our future,” he explained. “Faith is our handle for the hope of a better tomorrow. … Faith is a weapon against the stronghold of the enemy.”

Ko and approximately 200 in attendance recognized the Chaplain Corps and all chaplains in attendance for their service and sacrifice.

At the National Prayer Breakfast, held Feb. 2, president Barrack Obama, members of Congress, other dignitaries and business leaders reflected upon values and shared responsibilities.

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