Footsteps in Faith: The resurrection of the Lord is more than just a one-time event

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Chaplain (Capt.) Terrell L. Byrd
225th Brigade Support Battalion, 2nd Bde. Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division



One of the great themes of the Easter season is that Christians around the world will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Christian community around the world will celebrate the triumphant victory that was won at the cross and in his empty tomb. However, after the celebration is over, many will return to their daily lives.

Unfortunately, after the worship services have ended and families have gone home, many people will continue to visit the tombs of their lives. Like the women who came to dress the body of their savior and who believed he was still in the tomb, people will continue to revisit the dead parts of their lives.

The Scripture notes the question of the angels, “Why seek ye the living among the dead?” So often that is the situation that we find ourselves. We are looking for signs of life among dead things.

In fact, the real issue is that our fear continues to drive us to the graveyard of despair. Broken relationships, dreams, goals and visions are constantly revisited so that we may anoint them with the oil of regret, in hope that the fragrance will make the loss smell better. Yet, we are challenged with the thought that when we do this, we are looking for signs of life so that we can find hope.

The power of the story is that the angels ask the big question. Why look for living things in a dead space? Perhaps what we are pointed to is, it is time to take a second look and realize that the graveyard is full of potential that did not come to fruition.

The women who came to the tomb were pointed to a different reality. The savior was not there; he had done what he said.

Therefore, the challenge was to live and tell the story. They were going to find hope in a different place. This place is the place of the living. If we continue to look for signs of life in dead things, then we will never come to the point of knowing that we can live again.

Our dreams are not dead. They are awaiting new energy. Relationships are not lost. They are waiting for new life. Hope is not departed. It is waiting to be discovered with the energy of our imagination. In essence, our lives are looking for resurrection.

The resurrection is more than just a one-time event that is celebrated in the history of Christianity; it is the continuous and abiding power of the eternal calling us to live better, dream bigger and seek for more.

Where we are in our lives is not where we have to stay. The same power that raised Christ from the tomb has the power to resurrect those valuable things that we have labeled as deceased. We are challenged to live in the power of God and discover that we have been given the energy to live, not just exist.

The life that we are being called to is the creative energy that spoke the world into existence. This Easter, we must all speak with a clear and resolute voice that is determined to tell those things we still believe to come forth. God is not done with us as long as with have life, health and strength.

Live in the power of God and be infused with the power to not relive the disappointments of yesterday, but see the great morning that exists fresh and new.


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