Footsteps in Faith: The difference between defeat, victory is the desire to try again

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Chaplain (Capt.) Terrell L. Byrd
225th Brigade Support Battalion, 2nd Bde. Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division



The proudest moment in the lives of many people today is graduation.

Many feel euphoric during this time. They envision being able to take the world by storm and having their names spoken by millions around the world.

Plans are made and resolutions spoken. There is an immediate commitment to being a success. However, that feeling of empowerment is short lived due to the everyday business of living.

The daily task of work, family and other commitments soon drowns out the mental cheers of the unknown millions with the constant reminders that there are so many things to do. So many people get lost in the band of life, believing, or rather, settling for just making it.

Yet, the words that God spoke to Joshua present a different picture of life for the young leader, even as God offers a different picture of life for us all. It is quite obvious from Joshua 1:1-9 that life had made a change for young Joshua.

He was charged with leading people somewhere they had never been. To add to the matter, Moses, his longtime leader, had passed, and Joshua finds himself alone with the people.

God speaks to Joshua three times to be strong and very courageous. God reminds Joshua, as he reminds us, that we know that we must work, strive and be determined, but it is the decision to move in that direction that stifles most of us.

God even addresses the issue of why we do not move. In verse 9, God tells Joshua do not be afraid and do not tremble. Most of us find ourselves in a position that precludes movement. We are scared to move because of past failures or even negative talk from others around us. All of this can cause us to tremble — literally to be broken.

We have broken dreams, broken spirits and even broken lives. Yet, God says do not concentrate on that; concentrate on the promises and, with those promises, a direction.

Our direction is to meditate on God and the word of God, day and night. We must never cease at speaking the word of God out of our mouths.

Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that God has planned for our future to be successful. That being the case, then we must let the negative speech of others and ourselves depart out of our mouths, and replace it with God’s will, which is to prosper us. We must constantly speak the words of blessing over our life and look for God’s direction to make that happen.

We must recognize that to keep success on our mind, we must keep God as first and pre-eminent, and keep his promises in our mouths. We must make the choice to speak words of life and not death, words of blessing and not cursing.

Even more important than this, we must believe that the God who is able to do everything is able to redeem us from past mistakes.

Remember, God did not promise an easy road; however, God did promise to be with us every step of the way. God’s abiding presence will yield success if we trust God and believe that all of the promises that God has made are for us.

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