Task force to help Army reach 2025 energy initiatives goals

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The Energy Initiatives Task Force
Public Affairs Office

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Army has a goal to meet of 25-percent renewable energy by 2025.

To accomplish this objective, the service must use every opportunity to be energy efficient and draw power from alternative and/or renewable energy sources.

The scale of renewable energy production the Army needs to provide enhanced energy security is estimated to be around 2.1 million or mega watt hours of power, annually.

To help meet this goal, the Secretary of the Army announced the creation of the Energy Initiatives Task Force, or EITF, at the GovEnergy Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2011.

The EITF was established to serve as the central managing office for the development of cost-effective large-scale (10 mega watts or greater) renewable energy projects on Army installations.

Part of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment, the EITF is integral to the Army addressing rising energy security challenges, escalating fuel prices and stricter federal mandates.

The military makes-up 80 percent of the federal government’s energy consumption, with the Army using more than 20 percent of this total.

The Army is the largest facility energy consumer in the federal government; in fiscal year 2010 alone, the Army spent $1.2 billion on facility energy; and it spends nearly $4 billion dollars, a year, on all energy costs.

Because the Army represents such a large portion of the federal government’s energy usage, when the Army fails to meet its energy objectives, it causes the entire federal government to miss its goals.

The EITF is helping the Army build energy resilience through the production of renewable energy.

It is dedicated to streamlining existing business processes while leveraging private sector financing.

This method will facilitate developer investment in and construction of an economically viable, large-scale renewable energy infrastructure.

Through the EITF, the Army is conducting outreach activities to attract and engage industry, so it can foster strategic collaborations that support Army installation’s energy needs.

The Army’s end state objectives for the EITF are to improve energy security, enhance energy security and ensure compliance with presidential mandates for energy consumption.

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