Pre-planning makes clearing quarters a breeze

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Island Palm Communities
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Island Palm Communities

Island Palm Communities

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Whether you are transferring to a new duty station, retiring or moving off-post, your lease agreement with Island Palm Communities requires you to notify your community center in writing no less than 28 days prior to vacating your home.

Complete IPC’s “Notice to Vacate” form and submit it to your community center. Your community staff will work with you on setting up pre- and final inspection dates, and review what your responsibilities are to help ensure a smooth transition as you make your way to a new duty station or place of residence.

If someone other than the service member will be taking care of vacating your home, a Residential Communities Initiative Special Power of Attorney is required from the service member allowing the individual to act on his or her behalf.

What to expect during pre-inspection

Upon receipt of the Notice to Vacate, the community staff will acknowledge receipt of your notice in writing and confirm your move-out date. Staff also will schedule dates to conduct pre- and final inspections.

During pre-inspection, staff will review resident cleaning requirements prior to vacating your home and disposing of hazardous material. Staff also will assess damages you may be responsible for, and confirm the date of your final inspection.

What to expect during final inspection

A final cost assessment for damages owed by the resident will be provided. The need for additional estimates for repair or replacement also will be determined.

During the final inspection, residents are required to pay for:
•Any damages assessed during the inspection processes, including applicable cleaning charges
•Unpaid rent
•Outstanding fees

What to expect during termination inspection

During the termination inspection, residents must show that all persons and personal property have been cleared on the home. Additionally, residents are required to:

Return house keys, garage door openers and other access items such as keys to the community centers fitness facility and swimming pool (Residents will be assessed a fee for any unreturned items.)

Provide community staff with an accurate forwarding address and telephone number

Resident’s cleaning responsibility

Following policies in the “Resident Guide and Community Standards Handbook,” residents are required to clean their home prior to final inspection. Getting a jumpstart on cleaning and using the checklist of requirements can help make your move and final inspection go smooth.

If you have any questions, contact your community center staff.


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