Top Cop: Safety kit, plan essential during hurricane

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Col. La’Tonya Lynn
Director, Directorate of Emergency Services, U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii



Welcome to Top Cop. The goal of this monthly column is to provide crime data to our military communities throughout U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii and to increase awareness, which will aid in crime prevention.

The Directorate of Emergency Services, USAG-HI, uses crime statistics to determine patrol distribution and to maintain safety and security within our communities.

The Hawaii hurricane season is June through November. For your situational awareness, I will highlight some precautionary measures that can be taken to ensure your family remains safe during this time.

To properly mitigate the effects of a hurricane, it is important that everyone remains vigilant and prepared for a hurricane. One way to do so is to keep an emergency preparedness kit ready with essentials to guarantee that each person in your household is able to survive.

Whether it be a hurricane or a tsunami, every household should have a basic emergency preparedness kit that will provide each family member with three days worth of food and water, a battery-powered or hand-crank radio to keep informed about the event, a flashlight and extra batteries, a first aid kit, a whistle to signal for help, dust masks, moist towelettes, a wrench, a manual can opener for food, local maps and a cell phone with charger.

A detailed description of an emergency preparedness kit can be found at This website also details how to maintain and store your kit and recommends additional supplies you may want to have on hand.

Once your emergency preparedness kit is created, make a plan with your family on how you intend to react to a natural disaster. For example, identify a family meeting point. Also, ensure that your family members know what to do if they are at school or otherwise not at home when the hurricane hits.

I recommend planning for at least two meeting locations: a primary and an alternate location. I suggest that one be in your community and the other outside your community, in case one of your meeting points is directly impacted by the hurricane.

Make sure that your family knows where to obtain trustworthy and accurate information, evacuation locations and emergency contact information.

Finally, as with any disaster incident, in order to remain safe, follow instructions provided by emergency response personnel, to include law enforcement, Emergency Medical Services or firefighters.

Crime Statistics

North Oahu

The Schofield Barracks Provost Marshal Office (which includes Schofield Barracks, Wheeler Army Airfield, Helemano Military Reservation, Mendonca Park, Leilehua Golf Course, Pililaau Army Recreation Center and Dillingham/Mokuleia Beach Park) reported 230 cases for north installations in May.

Assaults: 28
Those involving alcohol: 12
Service members apprehended: 19
Family members apprehended: 6
Unknown subjects: 3

Larcenies: 53
Unsecured/unattended: 27
In housing area: 34
In public area: 19

Traffic accidents: 31
Involving injuries: 1
Damage to property: 30
Driving under the influence: 7
Service members apprehended: 6
Civilians apprehended: 1

Traffic citations
Outlined below is a listing of traffic citations that were issued during this time period by the Schofield Barracks PMO:
Cell phone violations: 15
Speeding violations: 48
Failure to stop as posted: 20
No insurance: 16
Expired safety inspection: 36
Failure to register: 6
Driving without a license: 12
Expired registration: 18
Defective equipment: 5
No seatbelt: 14
Failure to use turn signal: 8
Expired license: 1
Impeding traffic: 2
Following too closely: 5
Abandoned vehicle: 5
Disregarding a traffic control device: 1
Failure to yield right of way at intersection: 1
Parking violations: 19
Failure to stop at red traffic signal: 1
Failure to display safety sticker: 4
Unsafe movement: 5
No license plate: 1
Failure to maintain lane: 1
Unattended child: 3
Driving while license suspended or revoked: 7
Excessive noise: 4
Prohibited turn: 3
No front license plate: 1
Continuous breaking: 1
Failure to register out-of-state plates: 2
Crossing solid double-yellow line: 2
Use of blue lights on outside of vehicle: 1
Violation of restrictions on driver’s license: 1
Failure to yield to pedestrians: 1
Animal in front seat obstructing view of driver: 1
Driving wrong way on one-way: 1
Expired driver’s license: 1

South Oahu

The Fort Shafter PMO (which includes Fort Shafter, Fort Shafter Flats, Tripler Army Medical Center, Aliamanu Military Reservation, Red Hill Military Reservation and Fort DeRussy) reported 113 cases for south installations in May.

Assaults: 8
Those involving alcohol: 1
Service members apprehended: 3
Unknown subjects: 4
Civilian apprehended: 1

Larcenies: 24
Unsecured/unattended: 15
In public area: 12
In housing area: 12
Traffic accidents: 18
Damage to property: 18
Driving under the influence: 13
Service members apprehended: 13

Traffic citations
Outlined below is a listing of traffic citations that were issued during this time period by the Fort Shafter PMO:
Cell phone violations: 5
Speeding violations: 56
Failure to stop as posted: 35
No insurance: 12
Expired safety inspection: 114
No registration in vehicle: 3
Failure to register: 5
Driving without a license: 6
Expired registration: 77
Defective equipment: 6
No seatbelt: 4
Failure to use turn signal: 1
Expired license: 1
Failure to display front license plate: 7
Parking violations: 109
Failure to display safety sticker: 9
Unsafe movement: 1
Inattention to driving: 1
Failure to display registration sticker: 3
No out-of-state registration: 1
Failure to yield right of way: 2
Driving while license revoked/suspended: 2
Follow to closely: 1
No license plate: 2
Failure to yield to pedestrian: 2
Violating restrictions on driver’s license: 1
Failure to transfer ownership: 1
Resisting an order to stop: 1
No protective equipment while operating a motorcycle: 1

Report any suspicious behavior or witnessed criminal acts to law enforcement personnel at Schofield Barracks at 655-7114 or at Fort Shafter at 438-7114.

(Editor’s Note: Lynn is also the commander, 8th Military Police Brigade, 8th Theater Sustainment Command.)

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