Tricare offers travel tips that will prevent coverage lapses

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Brian P. Smith
TriWest Healthcare Alliance



PHOENIX — When leaving on vacation or changing duty stations, Tricare remains your medical coverage.

Taking five steps helps avoid unexpected issues during upcoming travels, even during a change of Tricare regions:

•Keep your Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System updated.

Regardless of the Tricare program, your DEERS record is the key to your military health care eligibility. When moving to a new location, don’t dis-enroll from Tricare Prime before the move. Transfer enrollment if Tricare Prime is available at your new location. Also, choose a new primary care manager, or PCM.

•Receive routine care at home.

Before hitting the road, take care of your family’s routine health care like annual exams or required immunizations. Getting routine care at a new location before your enrollment is transferred can lead to claims issues and out-of-pocket expenses.

•Understand urgent and emergency care options.

Emergency care is covered for conditions that could result in a loss of life, limb or sight. Urgent care covers those issues that require medical attention in 24 hours, such as a rising fever or something like a sprain.

•Know that Tricare pharmacy delivers.

For medications on the road, remember to order refills before you leave. If you move, Tricare home delivery moves with you, too, and can even deliver to a temporary address.

•Access important information on the move.

If traveling within the Tricare West Region, stay connected to your health care by downloading the TriWest mobile app.

Moving with Tricare

Tricare offers a variety of ways to continue your health care when moving:

•Learn how to transfer enrollment at

•For an address change of more than 60 days, log into to update DEERS.

•Learn more about Tricare prime rules for urgent and emergency care by visiting

•Sign up for Tricare Home Delivery at

•Stay connected to your health care at

•Find more answers at

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