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Chaplain (Capt.) Mark McCorkle
84th Engineer Battalion, 130th Eng. Brigade, 8th Theater Sustainment Command



God loves to answer questions such as “What is the purpose of life?” and “Why am I here?”

I can see God just waiting for a person to ask, “What do you want me to do with my life?”

The need for active, caring people in the world will never go away. The world is waiting for someone who will reach out and give three very important personal requisites they and only they have: Time, talent and treasure.

I asked myself today, “Mark, what are you doing with your time God has given you?” I must admit I could be more loving toward my family with the time I have.

Do you plan to be a giving person with your time here on earth?Some of my most memorable and rewarding times were when I made a conscious decision to give my time to someone in need.

Now, I had to face the thought that doing so would be a waste of time and press into what I believed was the right thing to do, and, the outcome was joy. I found that by being a giver I somehow opened my life to receive what was missing. Isn’t that just like God, leading you to believe that you are giving it all away and then just at the right time exchange your gift with something better?

Jesus is an example of that, and so is a simple seed. We are surrounded by such beautiful trees and plants in Hawaii; however, not one would be as beautiful as they are today unless the giving of a seed was provided. Those trees also would not be as strong if not for the breakdown of that seed in a dark and lonely place under the ground.

What gift do you have that is waiting to be broken and utilized, even more than the shade of a towering umbrella tree on the island?

If you let it happen, many will personally come to you and find rest in the shade of your gift. And, just like any tree, you will produce more seeds that the wind will catch and carry on to other grounds to be planted there, offering hope to another, all because you decided to give your gift away.

Different kinds of gifts found in the Bible:

•Romans 12 — exhortation, giving, leadership, mercy, prophecy, service, teaching;

•1 Corinthians 12 — administration, apostle, discernment, faith, healing, help, knowledge, miracles, prophecy, teaching, tongues and tongues interpretation, wisdom;

•Ephesians 4 — apostle, evangelism, pastor, prophesy, teaching; and

•Miscellaneous Passages — celibacy, hospitality, martyrdom, missionary, voluntary poverty.


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