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Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness

What do I do?

If a hurricane is underway, be ready to respond:
•Stay tuned to the radio, TV or social media sites for more information.
•Secure your home, bring in furniture and close storm shutters.
•Ensure you have enough water for household purposes.
•Turn refrigerator to coldest setting and keep the door closed.
•Never ignore an evacuation order. Follow evacuation guidelines, times and routes. Take your emergency kit with you.
•Stay away from windows and doors. Do not go outside until instructed to do so “All Clear.”
•Report to your chain of command when you are in a safe place.
•Avoid high and fast-moving water.

Be prepared for a hurricane

For updates or in the event of a real incident, take these actions:
•Turn to installation channel TV2;
•Visit www.facebook.com/usaghawaii;
•Follow www.twitter.com/usaghawaii;
•Use www.ready.army.mil to prepare for a hurricane, get a kit, make a plan and stay informed.


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