Professionals encourage well-baby examinations

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PHOENIX — You’ve missed your baby’s scheduled well-baby doctor exam; should you be concerned?

Your baby isn’t sick, so it’s not that important, is it?

Because babies grow so quickly, regular well-baby doctor visits help keep them happy and healthy. Your son or daughter should have six well-child doctor visits during his or her first 15 months of life.

These regular doctor visits allow the pediatrician to check your baby’s growth and development. They also give you, as the parent, important information about what to expect as your child grows up.

During a well-baby visit, your child will also receive any vaccinations that are due. Vaccinations are a big part of protecting your child from disease. If your baby isn’t vaccinated, these diseases could make your child very sick, or even cause death.

Make the most during your regular well-child doctor visit. Write down any questions or concerns you may have about your child’s development and bring them with you. This way you won’t forget to ask the pediatrician during the exam.

Well-baby doctor visits are a Tricare-covered benefit with no authorizations, cost-shares, co-payments or deductibles for those eligible.

Well-Baby Doctor Visits

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