94th AAMDC travels to ROK for ‘Ulchi Freedom Guardian’

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Annual exercise helps build solidarity

Sgt. Louis Lamar
94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command Public Affairs

94th AAMDC

94th AAMDC

FORT SHAFTER — Conducting combined command post exercise training helps Soldiers stay prepared for real-world situations and future exercises.

Thus, Soldiers from the 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command participated in “Ulchi Freedom Guardian,” an exercise held at Combined Forces Command and Republic of Korea military installations throughout South Korea, Aug. 20-31.

UFG enhances the combat readiness of ROK and U.S. supporting forces through combined and joint training while improving ROK and U.S. combat readiness and joint/combined interoperability.

Junior and senior Soldiers benefited from the training.

“My role in UFG was to support my noncommissioned officers in providing products to the 94th AAMDC commanding general, so that they could keep track of information that was needed during the exercise,” said Pfc. Joseph McGinnis, intelligence analyst, 94th AAMDC.

“My role as a planner was to work with the combined theater air and missile defense group so that any action that happened during the battle could be planned out 96 hours ahead of time,” said Staff Sgt. Christopher King, Korea team planner, 94th AAMDC. “It showed me higher echelons of how our partnership works and all the steps that each echelon needs to perform in order to help out the fighting force on the ground.”

“This exercise helped me to get more experience under my belt,” McGinnis added. “It helped me understand the integration between us and the Air Force and how they can help us and how we can help them. It made everything have a complete circle.”

Exercises like UFG also help to foster relationships and build solidarity of missile defense within the U.S. Pacific Command’s area of operations.

“UFG is important for relations between different countries … to support one main goal, which is to defeat the enemy,” McGinnis said.

“The U.S. has a caring relationship with foreign countries. We are there to support them, and we care what happens to them and their people,” King added.

The 94th AAMDC’s mission is to deploy in the PACOM area of responsibility and conduct joint and combined theater air and missile defense in support of designated operations plans and contingency operations.

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