Cooperation is a key to success

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Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Donald Eubank
U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii



I often enjoy listening to Charles Osgood, longtime anchor of “CBS News Sunday Morning.”

Mr. Osgood’s daily news commentaries, called “The Osgood File,” are three-minute stories ranging from breaking developments of national importance to whimsical human interest vignettes.

Recently, Mr. Osgood told the story of two elderly women who lived in a convalescent center. Each had suffered an incapacitating stroke.

Margaret’s stroke left her left side restricted and paralyzed, while Ruth’s stroke damaged her right side. Both of these women had been dedicated musicians and accomplished pianists, but had long since given up the hope of ever playing again.

After learning from family members that both Margaret and Ruth had been pianists before their strokes, the director of the convalescent center encouraged the two women to sit down at the piano together.

Their first few attempts were awkward and confusing. The attempts ended with the two women doubting their abilities to make music together would ever work.

A little persistence and patience paid off.

After a few weeks of practice, Margaret and Ruth were playing together so beautifully that they began providing afternoon “mini-concerts” at the center. They were able to give the gift of music back to each other and to their friends and families.

A treasured friendship developed between these two women. Their life stories were dramatically changed because of how they learned to work together.

These two women offer us a great picture of our need and the potential benefits when we work together. What one member of our unit or organization cannot do alone, perhaps two or three will find an easy task, with great results.

We might even find ourselves working, like Margaret and Ruth, in perfect harmony.

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