IMCOM commanders give message of thanksgiving

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Lt. Gen. Michael Ferriter and Command Sgt. Maj. Earl Rice
U.S. Army Installation Management Command


Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season, a time of year when our thoughts naturally turn to home and family, reflecting on the past year and our good fortune.

We also honor and appreciate military families this month, and it seems only fitting to focus on what family means and the quality of time and attention we give them.

U.S. Army Installation Management Command is the Army’s home. Each day proves it is the people we serve and care for who are most important.

Now, more than ever, it’s important that we take care of each other. People are the heart and soul of the IMCOM mission. They are both our purpose and our greatest asset, creating a larger family that includes co-workers, battle buddies, the Soldiers to our left and our right, along with all who are near and dear to our hearts.

For many, quality time will be spent gathered around the time-honored American tradition of Thanksgiving turkey. As you do so, remember that somewhere there is a young family, new to the Army, flying to its first overseas assignment right now.

They’ll be in lodging for the holiday and at the dining facility, or DFAC, for dinner. Welcome them into our family. Make sure the service they receive is world-class. Take the time to greet them, to direct them and make them feel valued and wanted in their new garrison community.


Other members of our family, civilians and Soldiers alike, are deployed. Even far from home, a word of encouragement can make a difference.

Some of our family members may be giving thanks as their Soldiers return from deployment, while experiencing stresses related to reintegration, at the same time. The Army is a life of service!

To all who provide services on our installations — IMCOM; Medical Command, or MEDCOM; the Network Enterprise Center, or NEC; Dental Command, or DENCOM; and Army Materiel Command, or AMC — we’re proud to serve with each and every member of this team. You, and the work you do each and every day, are important to us. It’s critical to the lives of the Soldiers, civilians and family members we serve in garrisons around the globe.

While preparing for travel and attending celebrations, let’s all be vigilant; keep safety and responsibility at the forefront of all that you do.

As you enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday, we hope it will be a time for thanks, relaxation and renewal.

Remember your family and extended Army family as well — battle buddies, co-workers and the person next to you now. Be thankful, as we sincerely are, for their (and your) service and commitment to both the Army and this great nation.

Army Strong!


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