Leaders should ask meaning of B2B

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Technology is good; face-to-face comms show concern

Command Sgt. Maj. Nathan Hunt
8th Theater Sustainment Command



We must all be careful as leaders and Soldiers when we use the phrase, “back to basics,” and consider exactly what it is we are saying or implying.

We should all be fully aware of some of the sacrifices our formations have endured for the sake of Army force generation and deployments, but to say that where we are now as a fighting force is not good, and that we have to go back 20 years and re-adopt the ways of doing business of those times, may not be the best way to look at back to basics.

Our younger, new and mid-grade Soldiers and leaders are the future of our Army. They have new and exciting ways of communicating, getting things done, thinking, etc.

We do not want to say to them that their new ideas, which were, and are, critical in our successes during combat, are not what we want.

We can’t dismiss their ideas and just say we are going back to the 1980s and 1990s when we had it right.I do believe there is goodness in the old ways of doing things, and that there are things to be learned in the new way.

As a Soldier with close to 30 years of service, I can attest to the fact that not everything done in the old days was good. I can also attest to the fact that not having computers and cell phones forced people to talk. Now we send emails across the room or from office to office.

Technology is great and so are our Army and the Soldiers in it.

I ask that as we think of getting back to the basics during the new year, that we put down the electronic devices that we cling to so dearly and act like we genuinely care — that we go out and visit and share time with others.

Stop texting, Facebook-ing, tweeting, etc., and go see someone.

Caring about Soldiers and taking care of Soldiers is old school. We’ve lost some of our edge when it comes to this. Let’s get back to it.. Let’s focus on it as we get back to the basics.

I challenge all Soldiers to define what caring about Soldiers and each other really means.

(Editor’s note: Hunt is the senior enlisted leader, 8th TSC.)

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