3rd BCT deployment fair prepares troops, families

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A Family Readiness Group representative answers questions from a 3rd BCT family at the Bronco Deployment Fair, Feb 6.

A Family Readiness Group representative answers questions from a 3rd BCT family at the Bronco Deployment Fair, Feb 6.

Story and photo by
1st Lt. Zachary Kohl
3rd Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs,
25th Infantry Division

The 3rd Brigade Combat Team, “Bronco Brigade,” 25th Infantry Division, hosted a deployment fair at Wheeler Gulch, here, Feb 6.

A highlight of the fair was the 23 organizations available on site to answer various questions posed by Soldiers and their families as they prepare for the brigade’s possible deployment to Afghanistan.

“It is good for the spouses to be prepared and have information for what to do when their husbands are gone,” said Crystal Dillingham, Family Readiness Group leader for Company B, Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 3rd BCT.

Dillingham, whose husband faces deployment, is not waiting until the last minute to come up with a plan.

“I am preparing to make myself busy by being in college and doing different things, so that the time will go by fast,” she said.

She also has a plan to help out her young son, too.

“I’m building a wall while my husband is deployed to help (our son) understand that he will be home soon,” said Dillingham. “I have a clock with the Afghanistan time so that he can see that Daddy has a different time zone. Just different things so that he visualizes it.”

Other family members are making sure they’re ready as well.

“We get everything done ahead of time, before he leaves,” said Fiona Mosley, Family Readiness support assistant, 3rd BCT.

Mosley described a list of things spouses should do to prepare for deployment, including making sure legal documents are squared away, understanding the Army finance system, and finding programs for children.

“If your Soldier is getting ready to deploy, educate yourself on the system before he is gone,” said Mosley. “Know what to do and what not to do.”

A number of interesting programs many spouses might not know exist were on display, including the Blue Star Card program.

“It is a card that spouses get when their husbands are deployed,” explained Dillingham. “It is basically like a big discount card.”

The Blue Star Card program is designed to help reduce the cost of daycare and other items for spouses of deployed Soldiers.

Perhaps the biggest program spouses have at their disposal is the FRG itself.

“It is hard for other people to relate to what Army spouses are going through,” said Dillingham. “We can all relate with each other and help each other, because we are all going through the same thing.”

“It is a great way to stay connected to spouses who are going through the same things,” added Mosley.

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