Acronym ‘CHANGE’ helps achieve career success

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Sgt. Maj. Terry Sumerlin
311th Signal Command (Theater)

If you’re a sincere Soldier, rank does matter, because your rank determines whether or not you give or receive respect from seniors, subordinates and peers alike when greeting them.

This fundamental rule must be complied with or you are headed for destruction.

A Soldiers’ rank shouldn’t stop him or her from being involved in any mission. Rank sets the stage to be or become a more effective and efficient leader.

I’d like to share with every Soldier one of my favorite acronyms: CHANGE. This acronym contributed to my success from private to sergeant major. Hopefully, CHANGE will teach, coach and mentor others, as it continues to do for me.

The first letter is C, for courage. Leaders must have courage to stand out rather than trying to fit in with immoral, unethical and illegal groups, gangs or clubs. This type of standing out requires obeying and enforcing rules, regulations, policies and standards when no one else will. This kind of courage is often the minority and not the majority. Do you have this kind of courage?

The second letter to this acronym is H, for heart. Every leader must have a heart to serve others more than to be served when accomplishing any mission, and the heart to express welfare for his or her Soldiers at all times. The heart of a leader is critical to love others beyond their faults. Have you got the heart to be a leader?

The next letter is A, for attitude. As a Soldier, your situation should not affect your attitude, but your attitude can affect your situation. A Soldier’s attitude can make or break any action, condition or standard because with the right attitude, you can achieve the right altitude. Does your attitude give you altitude?

The fourth letter is N, for never. Per the third Warrior Ethos, “I can never quit” is the foundation for all Soldiers to build upon today, tomorrow and forevermore. A Soldier must be tenacious in pursuit of excellence while completing the mission and taking care of subordinates. Those who never quit always win, but those who always quit never win. Winning is contagious and makes everyone around them better. Do you have never in front of your quitting?

Letter G is for go. Every leader must be willing and able to defend our great nation from foreign and domestic threats, to go where no one else is willing, and to be able to go without complaint. Are you willing to go where no one else has gone?

The sixth and final letter to this acronym is E, for education. Education is the key for Soldiers to become technically and tactically proficient in the Army and as a productive citizen in society. Education supports these CHANGE values. Are you seeking self-improvement?

311th Signal Command (Theater) Soldiers, Active Guard Reserve, Troop Programmed Units and civilians are all applying these CHANGE values in their decision-making process to support this “Back to Basics” movement.

Are you willing to unify your efforts with this CHANGE? If you say no, you still CHANGE, just not for the good. Therefore, CHANGE is inevitable for all Soldiers and civilians.

Support the CHANGE campaign, and we will get “back to the basics!”

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  1. kg says:

    I was actually looking for an acronym and found this article. It has helped me greatly. Thank you.

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