DES highlights traffic issues, rise of ‘Spice’

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Col. Mark Jackson
Director, Emergency Services,U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii, and
Commander, 8th Military Police Brigade,8th Theater Sustainment Command

The Directorate of Emergency Services saw an increase in traffic accidents at Schofield Barracks over the past two weeks, some with several minor injuries involved.

Simple acts of carelessness, like leaving a car door open near a busy road or not looking before crossing the street, can present a safety hazard to you and others, so please be cautious and aware of your surroundings, and discuss safety with children.

We ask for the community’s assistance in safely navigating Leilehua Avenue and Jeal Road in the Canby housing area. We’ve received reports of vehicles speeding in the one-way alleys.

Speeding and use of resident-only roads is prohibited and dangerous to children who may be playing in close proximity. Lower your radios, watch for pedestrians and reduce your speed as you pass through the area.


The preferred drug in USAG-HI is, ultimately, “Spice,” a synthetic drug that mimics the effects of marijuana, accounting for 32 percent of total drug offenses in 2012. Offenders have steadily increased in USAG-HI and synthetic cannabinoids seem to be replacing other street drugs like marijuana and cocaine.

DES will publish an article in the future outlining preventative measures that the community and commanders can take to detect and minimize the use of illicit drugs.

The Blotter

The following are excerpts taken from actual blotter entries from the U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii area of operations, including Schofield Barracks and Fort Shafter. Subjects are innocent until proven guilty.

DES, USAG-HI, collects and uses these crime and incident statistics to determine patrol distribution within our communities.


Listed below are examples of incidents that occurred during the Feb. 1-11 reporting period.

•Traffic Accident Resulting in Personal Injury

Subject: None

Feb. 1, a morning traffic accident occurred at the intersection of Cadet Sheridan and McCornack roads on Schofield Barracks. An investigation by patrols revealed that the driver struck a pedestrian running on an authorized route for PT. The pedestrian, who had fallen out of a formation, approached the intersection without proper right of way and received minor injuries.

The pedestrian was transported to the hospital by Federal Fire medics and was issued a citation for pedestrian obedience to traffic-control devices and regulations. The driver’s vehicle was cited and towed for expired registration.

•Simple Assault Consummated by a Battery (Article 128, UCMJ)

•Spouse Abuse, Civilian Female Victim (Article 134, UCMJ)

Subject: SGT, M/W/N/22

Feb., 7, an investigation revealed that a husband and wife were involved in a verbal dispute that turned physical when the subject left marks on the victim, including bruises on the chest, arms and thighs, and cuts on the right hand and wrist. The injuries didn’t require medical attention.

The subject was apprehended and transported to the Schofield Barracks Police Station, where the subject was advised of legal rights, which he invoked.

•Report of Incident – Suspicious


Subject: SPC, M/W/N/20

Feb. 11, a suspicious package was found in the Exchange food court on Schofield Barracks. Patrols set up a cordon around the item and worked with the PX loss prevention office to identify (by camera) the individual who left the package, while additional patrols evacuated the Exchange.

K-9 support arrived on scene, clearing the package and the surrounding area. The identified owner was escorted into the PX to retrieve the package and identify the contents.

The scene was cleared without incident, and the subject was released to a unit representative.

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