Senior leaders use technology to help Soldiers

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Master Sgt. William Murphy
94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command



The Army has embraced technology as the pathway to the future.

For example, a doctrine overhaul has been and continues to be conducted to make Army publications accessible on mobile phones.

The new publications are called ADPs (Army Doctrine Publications), of which most have fewer than 200 pages and contain the “meat” of the corresponding field manual or Army regulation publications that are not accessible without a CAC (Common Access Card).

As a senior noncommissioned officer, a part of get “back to the basics” is instilling the knowledge contained in field manuals and Army regulations into new Soldiers, and I think that this “evolution” is just the right way to encourage young Soldiers to get familiar with Army standards in a way that they are used to learning new information.

In order to adapt to the innovative ways that Soldiers learn during these times, the 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command has implemented a 90-day Check-Ride Program for all new Soldiers.

The program requires first-line supervisors to go down a checklist of basic tasks that the Soldiers must perform to standard. They must also review publications that their new Soldiers must be acquainted with, in not only hard-copy versions, but also the ADPs via their cell phones.

One of the tasks that must be performed from the checklist is marking ADPs as “favorites” in the Soldiers’ application browser on their cell phones. We have discovered that this action increases the young Soldiers’ confidence when testing them on their knowledge of the information in the field.

As the 94th AAMDC continues to support garrison operations, Soldiers will have the knowledge of books accessible right at their fingertips. This factor is pertinent when conducting skill-level training, Warrior Tasks and battle drills training, or even drill and ceremony tasks such as flag detail and funeral detail.

Some leaders have questioned the use of cell phones as being a distraction or because a new Soldier may not have access to a smartphone. Here at the 94th AAMDC, we have not encountered that situation since the program was implemented in 2011.

The 94th AAMDC has embraced the world of technology; it is just another method of empowering Soldiers to become knowledgeable of the Army’s basic doctrine.

Soldiers are the Army’s future leaders, and technology is the future.

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