Free online alcohol screening service available for Soldiers

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Military Pathways
News Release

WELLESLEY HILLS, Mass. — With April being National Alcohol Awareness Month, and April 11 National Alcohol Screening Day, the Military Pathways program is encouraging service members, veterans and their families, to take advantage of the free, anonymous alcohol-use screenings at

Military Pathways, which offers the online screenings, reports that more than 30,000 screenings for alcohol-use disorders have been completed since it started the program in 2006.

The screenings ask individuals to answer a simple set of questions about their drinking habits. After completing a screening, service members receive feedback as to whether their symptoms are consistent with alcohol misuse as well as a list of resources on how and where to get further evaluation and help.

All branches of the military have programs where service members can get treatment for substance abuse problems.

Visitors to the site can also access a host of articles, videos and other information that gives them, among other things, tips on how to cut down on alcohol use. Several free, downloadable mobile applications for mental health are also available.

“Using alcohol to manage a life problem, what professionals call ‘self-medicating,’ is never a good idea. Not only does a drinking problem emerge, the original problem goes unfixed,” said Dr. Robert Ciulla, Mobile Health director for the Defense Department’s National Center for Telehealth and Technology.

“A successful career in the military means knowing when to draw the line with alcohol and when to get help when the drinking is out of control,” he added. “The anonymous self-assessment gives individuals the opportunity to check and see if their drinking is a problem and how to get help or cut back.”

Military installations and health care providers around the world are recognizing National Alcohol Screening Day and National Alcohol Awareness Month by holding events to reach out and educate people about alcohol use and abuse. Every alcohol awareness event is unique to the local population’s needs.

Some locations will hold events that include engaging activities, educational brochures and screenings. Others will just offer information about the screenings.

About Military Pathways
Military Pathways gives service personnel and their families the opportunity to learn more about mental health and alcohol use through anonymous self-assessments offered online.

The program is designed to help individuals identify symptoms and access assistance before a problem becomes serious.
The self-assessments address alcohol use, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, generalized anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder and adolescent depression.

After completing a self-assessment, individuals receive referral information, including Tricare, Military OneSource and Veterans Affairs.
The program is run by the nonprofit Screening for Mental Health and is funded by the Department of Defense with support from the National Center for Telehealth and Technology.

Screening Resource
Free, anonymous screenings are available at


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