Seasons change, but God does not

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Chaplain (Capt.) Darrell Burriss
1st Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Inf. Division



We have just come out of the winter season and the Easter season.

Seasons change; we can count on that.

Soon, we will enter the summer season, and the seasons of Memorial Day and Independence Day. Seasons change.

The 25th Combat Aviation Brigade has come out of the season of deployment and entered the season of reset. Other units have suddenly come out of the season of deployment prep and entered, for many, an unknown season. This unknown season does not revolve around redeployment, reset and deployment again.

The Army is changing because seasons change. The Army is changing because our nation is entering a season of lean years as our leaders make difficult decisions to come into compliance with budgetary cuts and constraints.

For some, that means no off-island tour of duty, except for the Noncommissioned Officer Education System, or NCOES, and a precious few other essential career progression schools. For others, that means parking mission-essential vehicles and converting their status to “low use.”

For all Soldiers and dependents, it means a new mission that was unexpected and all the stress rapid change brings to commands, leaders, Soldiers and their families. Seasons change.

All that change may sound depressing, stressful and undesirable. Nevertheless, there is another way we can frame change.

Rather than focus on change and all the adversity that it brings into our lives, we can focus on what does not change. Deployment, no deployment; new mission, old mission; severe budgetary constraints, money flowing like a waterfall — all of this does not change the most important things.

The camaraderie of the women and men who wear the Army uniform does not change because seasons change. The loving commitment of Soldiers and their spouses to each other and their children does not change because seasons change. The tight-knit family readiness groups that support their units’ families does not change because seasons change.

The commitment of leaders to train and take of care of their Soldiers and families does not change because seasons change. The most important things do not change.

Above all else, we have faith and confidence that our God does not change. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. God always stands ready to come to our aid and to comfort us in our times of adversity. No amount of seasonal change affects God’s nature and character.

In the storm of change and the flood of its consequences, God is the rock on which we may make our home. Seasons change, but God does not change.

Whatever change you may be experiencing now or in the future, I encourage you to hold fast to the one who never changes. When the new normal is finally established, you will find that your faith and trust in God has grown and enriched the quality of your life.

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