Traffic roundabout makes unofficial debut July 4 near Schofield Barracks’ Macomb Gate

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Roundabouts are an efficient method of traffic control in lieu of a stop light/sign.

Roundabouts are an efficient method of traffic control in lieu of a stop light/sign.

Sarah Pacheco
Staff Writer

Construction crews are gearing up to complete a new traffic roundabout near Macomb Gate, here.

Roadwork is projected to wrap up in August, with streetlights to be installed later in the year.

However, the roadway will be paved, and temporary lighting and striping will be in affect, July 3-5, to accommodate heavy traffic anticipated during U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii’s annual Fourth of July celebration.

Macomb Gate will be open to both inbound and outbound traffic, 5 a.m.-8 p.m., July 4, to allow drivers access to Waianae Avenue and Flagler Street, via the roundabout.

The gate will be open to outbound traffic only, 8:30 p.m.-midnight.

Traffic patterns will revert back to current status July 5.

Work began on the project earlier this year based on a 2005 Traffic Circulation Study.

According to Dean Miyamoto, civil engineer, Engineering Branch, Directorate of Public Works, USAG-HI, the roundabout, also commonly referred to as a traffic circle, was developed to ease traffic egress at the intersection of Waianae Avenue and Macomb and Flagler roads.

“DPW is hoping the roundabout will help with traffic circulation and also help with safety,” Miyamoto said.

Miyamoto explained that unlike a multi-way stop — where all drivers must come to a complete stop and wait their respective turns before proceeding, one at a time, through the intersection — when drivers approach a roundabout, they smoothly “flow” into and out of the circle, always to the right.

“Drivers entering the roundabout will have to yield to oncoming vehicles before entering the roundabout,” Miyamoto added. “The vehicles already in the roundabout have the right of way.”

Even with the newly installed roundabout, Miyamoto cautions that smaller streets such as these normally are congested with parked vehicles and are a busy thoroughfare for cars entering and exiting driveways.

USAG-HI’s DPW and Directorate of Emergency Services advise all drivers to obey the speed limit through the surrounding housing areas and remain vigilant of pedestrians and children at play.

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