Is ‘Mindful Eating’ a strategy or new diet fad?

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B7_TAMC_Fad-Diet_001_wCapt. Carolynn Rittermann
Nutrition Care Division
Tripler Army Medical Center

HONOLULU — Some intriguing or catchy new diet always seems to be out, and it claims it will give you the perfect body, the one you always dreamed about.

Digging your way through the loads of information to find some real sense in all the nutrition advice out on the media circuit today can also be overwhelming.

Mindful eating is a growing movement that has been gaining in popularity. The appeal is not because of some quick-fix promise, but because at the core it is the attempt to bring us back to our internal compass.

It focuses on slowing down the eating process and honing in on true internal cues about food and hunger while fully engaging in the eating experience.

To truly engage yourself in the mindful eating process, eating must become the main focus. In other words, you must put the iPhone or tablet away, stop flipping through your email, sit in one spot and bring your awareness to the moment and to the act of eating.

It is all too common in our technology-sodden world to eat lunch in the car, on the run, while working at our desks or in some other state of semi-distraction. By the end of the meal, you cannot remember eating your sandwich, even though the wrapper is empty.

By eating with all of your awareness focused on the process — on how you feel, on how the food interacts with your body and your mind — you will begin to notice subtle changes in how you choose foods.

Healthy, bright-colored whole foods that come from the Earth are a part of mindful eating, as mindful eating acknowledges the need for self-love through nourishment.

In our fast-paced culture, we often lose sight of the importance of paying attention, fully, to one activity. Mindful eating enables the slow progression of aligning your food choices with health and wellness.

It is a new way to approach eating and can be a very personal experience, one that may be different for everyone.

It’s guaranteed to bring new insights into why you eat, how you eat and what you eat.


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