New ACU-A uniform offers better fit options than 1 fits all

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Spc. Danielle Gregory
Army News Service

A new Army Combat Uniform with special consideration to the female form is now at Fort Sill, and it is being issued to new Soldiers going through basic combat training.

The uniform, several years in the making, was initially considered as being the first female-only uniform, but instead is now approved for both sexes and is being called ACU-A for Army Combat Uniform-Alternate.

“We started issuing them slowly in April, and we’ve since been issuing them more frequently as our fitters get more comfortable placing Soldiers in them,” said Trevor Whitworth, Central Initial Issue Point project manager, where new Soldiers are first issued their uniforms, here.

“They were initially designed for female Soldiers, but we were told if we find male Soldiers that these would fit better than the ACUs, then we can issue it to them as well,” Whitworth said. “It’s more about the fit and the body type.”

“If it makes you more comfortable in wearing that, then I think it’s well worth it,” Whitworth said. “When you’re low crawling or doing a lot of physical training, it’s nice to have a pair of trousers that have a little give-and-take in them. I think having made uniforms for a female body type, will make a big difference for female Soldiers.”

Compared to the original ACUs, which were designed principally by males for males, the new ACU-As are created to fit a wider range of body types, so there are also a lot more sizes to choose from — 13 sizes in both the jacket and trouser.

“The old uniform was meant to be one size fits five sizes; these are more tailored,” Whitworth said.

“With our uniforms now, it’s like it’s either too tight or too big; it doesn’t feel right as they are now,” said1st Lt. Beatriz George, dietitian, Reynolds Army Community Hospital.

Although interested in the new uniforms, she said if they were created to be noticeably different, she wouldn’t want to wear them.

“What’s great about the military is that everyone is equal, and it’s one of the few professions where men and women are paid the same, but if you can’t tell, and they are unisex, then I’m OK with it,” George said.

Program Executive Office Soldier, the program that develops and improves military uniforms and equipment, developed the new uniforms by letting male and female Soldiers wear the uniform and provide feedback. This method came about after a 2008 focus group of female Soldiers showed PEO Soldier that ACUs have a non-female friendly fit.

Many females in the focus group reported that the kneepad inserts fell on their shins, that they didn’t have as much mobility because of the poor fit and that they felt they had an overall unprofessional appearance.

PEO Soldier is also in the process of developing female body armor and a flight suit, which are still in development stages.

What’s different about the ACU-A?

•wider areas at the hips, waist and backside;

•elastic around the waistband, instead of a pull string;

•adjusted pockets and knee-pad inserts;

•shortened crotch length;

•adjusted rank and nametape positioning;

•adjusted pockets and elbow-pad inserts;

•slimmer shoulders;

•a thinner and more fitted waist;

•a longer and wider coat bottom; and

•buttons replace the Velcro pockets.

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