Asia-Pacific Army leaders assemble in NZ for conference

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U.S. Army-Pacific Public Affairs
News Release

Senior Army leaders from around the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean regions will meet in New Zealand next week for the eighth Pacific Armies Chiefs Conference (PACC) and the 37th Pacific Armies Management Seminar (PAMS).

Army chief of staff equivalents from approximately 27 countries will gather for PACC VIII, a biennial, multinational, executive defense forum.

Gen. Raymond Odierno arrives at PAMS 2012, escorted by an Australian officer. (Photo by Staff Sgt. Teddy Wade)

Gen. Raymond Odierno arrives at PAMS 2012, escorted by an Australian officer. (Photo by Staff Sgt. Teddy Wade)

This year’s conference is co-hosted by the chiefs of staff of the U.S. and New Zealand armies. PACC fosters military-to-military cooperation, develops interpersonal relationships and contributes to regional dialogue and stability.

Concurrently, Army officers and security officials from approximately 32 nations in the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean region will meet in Auckland, New Zealand, for PAMS XXXVII. PAMS XXXVII is co-hosted by the U.S. Army-Pacific and the New Zealand Army.

The theme for both PACC VIII and PAMS XXXVII is “The Sum is Greater than the Parts: 21st Century Peace Operations in a United Nations Context.”

During PAMS, seminar participants will discuss topics that relate to this theme. They include “Advancing Unity of Effort in Peacekeeping Operations,” “The Challenges for Land Forces in Support of Peacekeeping Operations,” “Duty of Care: Our Greatest UN Contribution-Our People (The Peacekeepers)” and “The Future Peace Operations Space and Maximizing Land Forces Input.”

Providing welcome remarks for both PACC VIII and PAMS XXXVII, respectively, are Gen. Raymond Odierno, chief of staff, U.S. Army; Maj. Gen. David Gawn, chief of Army, New Zealand; Gen. Vincent Brooks, commander, USARPAC; and Brig. Pete Kelly, deputy chief of Army, New Zealand.

PAMS is a multinational military seminar that provides a forum for senior-level (lieutenant colonel to major general, or national equivalent) officers from the Asia-Pacific’s regional ground forces to exchange views and ideas. It is not only a forum to enhance understanding of the subjects studied, but it also provides an opportunity for the future leaders of the region’s armies to establish and cultivate a set of strong interpersonal relationships.

The long-term objective of both PACC and PAMS is to facilitate capacity building via information exchange and dialogue on theme and topics, to promote security cooperation in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, and to support the Army’s efforts in rebalance of the Asia-Pacific theater and reassuring regional allies and partners, in the interest of national security of the U.S. Army’s commitment in the region.

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