Why do some people wear the cross?

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Chaplain (Maj.) Scott Koeman, 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division

Have you ever been around a group of Soldiers who served together on deployment?

If you listen to them for long, you will notice that they’ll refer back to their deployment and some of the most significant highlights of their tour.



Anyone who has gone through a tough experience together recalls the hardships and reminisces about it. We all do it. Sometimes, it can seem like we have some strange fascinations with some hard to deal with stuff, but for those of us who have been there and done that together, it is a real bond and quite normal.

Christians do the same. It can seem strange for those who don’t understand much about Jesus Christ. If you’re not a Christian, you may wonder why Christians focus on the cross and the death of Jesus so much.

Why do Christians wear crosses around their necks? Some people, Christians and non-Christians, even have the cross or Jesus’ crucifixion tattooed on their body. It can seem like a morbid fascination with death.

Let me explain it a little.

The death and resurrection of Jesus is to Christians what the sun is to the Earth. Without it, there is no life. Christians focus on the cross because they believe Jesus died on the cross.

Before Jesus died on the cross, people were required to make a blood sacrifice of an animal to pay (cover) the penalty of their sin. Some cultures and religions around the world have practiced blood sacrifices for centuries, before and after Jesus died on the cross. However, the death of an animal is not the same as the death of a person. And no regular person can pay the price for another person.

As an illustration, if I am broke and only have $5 to my name, and you ask me for $10,000, so you can pay off your car loan, I’m sorry, but I’m financially broke. I cannot help you. The same is true with my spiritual condition. I am not able to pay to God what I owe him, and I certainly cannot pay him for what anyone else owes him either.

For Christians, Jesus is not merely a person; Christians believe he is the Son of God, and that he never committed a sin. Jesus was perfect. Therefore, Jesus’ death on the cross is like the one trillion dollar payment to the 20th power. He is able to pay the debt for everyone who asks.

If we ask Jesus to pay the price of our debt to God for our sin, then we can be set free from our debt. Christians call that forgiven.

Tying it all together, many Christians may display the cross because it is a symbol of their sins having been forgiven. Therefore, out of gratitude and a constant reminder, many Christians wear the cross.

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