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Col. Mark Jackson
Director, Emergency Services,
U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii, and
Commander, 8th Military Police Brigade, 8th Theater Sustainment Command

The community is asked to assist in identifying petty thieves and reducing local larcenies.

Concerned residents can assist law enforcement by participating in Island Palm Communities’ Neighborhood Watch Program.

Volunteers attend a crime prevention class, taught by Military Police, covering topics such as suspect description, reporting suspicious activity, home security/safety tips and what to look for during neighborhood security walks.

Community residents are reminded to practice rigorous safety habits with regards to homes, vehicles and personal items:

•At the gym, be sure to secure your valuables in a storage locker, instead of leaving them out on the bleachers.

•Don’t leave high-value items unattended in a public area.

•Always lock your vehicle(s), even when it is parked at your residence, and especially overnight.

•Do not leave wallets, electronics, GPS systems and phones in your car while it is unattended.

•Always lock your house doors before going to sleep at night and when you depart.

Following good physical security habits will help reduce the number of targets and deter criminals from continuing to target our garrison communities.

The following are excerpts of actual MP blotter entries from the U. S. Army Garrison-Hawaii area of operations. Subjects are innocent until proven guilty.


Larceny of Private Property

•Aug. 13, the Fort Shafter Police Desk was notified of larceny that occurred the day prior at the 6th Floor General Surgery Wing of Tripler Army Medical Center.

Investigation by patrols revealed an unknown suspect removed one Bose Bluetooth speaker that was left unsecured and unattended. There were no signs of forced entry and no witnesses or subjects could be identified.

The estimated cost of loss is $300. The case continues to be investigated by MPI.

•Aug. 22, a larceny occurred at the basketball court in Aliamanu Physical Fitness Center.

Investigation by patrols revealed an unknown suspect removed one cell phone that was left unsecured and unattended. Military Police Investigations (MPI) reviewed the closed circuit television recording and identified some possible leads, but the case remains open.

Estimated cost of loss is $600.


Larceny of Private Funds, Larceny of Private Property and Unlawful Entry

•Aug. 16, the Schofield Barracks Police Desk was notified of an unlawful entry and larceny that occurred around 4:30 a.m., Aug. 10, in the Mendonca Park Housing Area.

Investigation by patrols revealed that an unknown suspect unlawfully entered the victim’s four-door sedan and removed one wallet and one purse containing $400, a $200 gift card and 11 credit cards. The vehicle was parked unsecured and unattended in the driveway; there were no signs of forced entry.

The cost of loss is $665. Investigation continues by MPI.


Larceny of Private Funds, Larceny of Private Property and Burglary of a Family Dwelling

•Aug. 24, a burglary and larceny occurred in the Solomon housing area between midnight and 6 a.m.

An investigation revealed an unknown subject entered the victim’s residence and removed one wallet containing $600 cash and one key ring with the victim’s house keys, vehicle key and mail box key, while the home was unsecured and attended.

Investigation continues by MPI.

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