Bridging the Basics: Senior NCOs must demonstrate, live Army Values

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Sgt. 1st Class José Ortiz
18th Medical Command (Deployment Support)

When Soldiers complete basic combat training at the start of their military careers, they come to learn and respect Army values.

This fact means that we are all held to a higher standard regardless of our rank, position or time in service. For this reason, we senior noncommissioned officers have to start with ourselves by setting an example for those we lead.

If we shortcut a task, we are not only letting ourselves down, but those who look up to us for leadership. By doing tasks, missions and responsibilities the right way, the first time around, we create good habits and eliminate bad behavior.

The time has come to stop setting bad examples and start taking ownership of our own actions. If we complete a task incorrectly, what respect are we expecting to receive from fellow Soldiers?

The solution is quite simple: It is our duty to lead by example. If we see a Soldier in need, we will assist her. If we see a Soldier doing wrong, we will correct him. And if we see a Soldier showing affirmative achievements, we will provide positive feedback.

No one ever said being a Soldier was easy. It is more than putting on a uniform and going to work. It is more than just completing tasks. It is about having pride, working with others in an encouraging manner, taking action when necessary, being respectful and helping others.

If you are not taking time out to ensure you are putting your best foot forward every day, then I need you to stop and ask yourself what you are doing wrong. There is no excuse for misguiding, cheating or letting down your fellow Soldiers, especially as a senior NCO.

With these things in mind, junior Soldiers look up to us for guidance. We must not steer them in the wrong direction for when we do, we are not doing the Army or that Soldier justice.

I urge senior NCOs to live up to the Army values and to do their best in leading and assisting all junior Soldiers to be the best they can be. Let the Soldier know what is right and what needs to be done. Most importantly, we must learn that no matter what our rank or position is, we will always be obligated to go back to the basics, because that is where the Army begins.

Be proud of your accomplishments, as no one has walked the same path as you in becoming a senior NCO. Bring to the table the Army Values instilled in you, years ago, and share them with your junior Soldiers. Give them the gift of positive reinforcement and allow them to carry on into their careers what you have given to them.

The future is in your hands.

(Editor’s note: Ortiz serves as the 18th MEDCOM (DS) intelligence NCO in charge.)


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