Traffic Report: Valentine’s Day 2014

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Traffic Report

Traffic Report

Today … Happy Valentine’s Day

Sargent’s Time — Schofield’s Sargent Road at Bldg. 695 (refill pharmacy) will become a one-way street. The one-way will start at the access road by the credit union and stop at the three-way stop sign at the pharmacy. Parallel parking will be provided on Sargent Road for those using the pharmacy.

Partial Closure — The left turn lane exiting McNair Gate (toward Haleiwa) will be closed 8 a.m.-3 p.m. and again Feb. 18.

Traffic exiting McNair Gate on the right turn lane will be restricted to right turns only. There will also be intermittent shoulder work at McNair Gate weekdays to March 7.

Traffic on the right turn entrance and right turn exit will be briefly halted when new street lights are set in place.

Closed Loop Update— Loop and Stream roads will be fully closed 24/7 due to the Flood Mitigation Structure project work. Access will be allowed for local traffic only. Construction will continue until around July 18.

19 / Wednesday

McMore McNair McWork— Tentatively scheduled, the traffic signals at the Wilikina Drive and McNair Gate intersection will not be operational. Also, the Honolulu-bound lane of Wilikina Drive will be halted periodically during construction work to relocate the traffic signal pole. Police officers will be directing traffic.

24 / Monday

Duck Work — Roadwork starts at Schofield’s Duck Road for the portion entering from Lyman to the split in the road near Bldg. 2800. The beginning section of Duck Road will be made two-way.

The existing one lane of traffic will remain open during the work. The project schedule should be done Feb. 25, pending weather delays.


TAMC Closure — A closure of Tripler’s Krukowski Road that began last week continues to the end of the month near buildings 102 and 104, 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

CAB Infrastructure — Work on Wheeler’s Airdrome Road that began Sunday will continue through April 30.


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